Checking in

That's what I'm doing. :) I have no stitching to report, as I haven't had the time to stitch in a week. Which is great, as I have been spending the time fulfilling QSnap Hugger orders!

I would just like to take the time to thank the ladies that ordered this past week. It has been wonderful making the QHs! (I actually miss making them already).

I have been childproofing the house the past couple days, as I had news that we will be having 2 small and 2 big people company on Wednesday and Thursday! My sister, Amy along with her 2 girls, Natalie and Kaylee along with my Mom are coming to pay a visit! Amy and Nat have not been here for almost 2 yrs now. Kaylee has never been here. I know that Nat is already driving her Mom nuts, she keeps asking when she gets to go to Aunt Kim's house. And she cant wait to see Uncle Brian. Brian and I have decided to offer the Dell laptop to my sister and her DH. They have been really wanting a laptop, and since its not being used as much as I thought it would have been here (since Brian doesn't like the keyboard). So that is another reason for the trip up to visit. :)

Well I hope that I have a stitching report to report soon. Will keep you posted. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you will be very busy with company at the same time it sounds like you will have tons of fun. Enjoy and we want pics.

Missy said...

Yay! My favorite monkey girl is coming! You are so talented, the huggers look awesome. We are home now. You are on my blog post for today. It was good to meet you finally!

: )


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