Overnight with the Girls

I just had a wonderful "girls" over night with my Mom, sister Amy, and her two girls, Natalie and Kaylee.

They arrived just before noon yesterday. Natalie has been wanting to come to our house for some time now. And opportunity just didnt seem to work out when we wanted it too. Well it did for yesterday and today.

Just after they arrived - I heard the shouts of "Aunt Kim!" and a 3 yr old running towards me with her arms wide out. What an awesome feeling!

The little one (Kaylee Mae-zers as her sister calls her), was a bit shy, as she hasnt seen us in about 3 weeks. But it didnt take long for her to warm up. :)

They came inside to our house and just took a little rest and I had them color some new pictures for the refigerator. So now I have some striped from their paper crayons, and 2 new pictures for the fridge door. :)
We left and the girls (Mom, Amy, Nat, Kaylee, and myself) took off for our over night. First stop was to get something to eat. We stopped at a new little cafe. Then it was off to the quilt shop I work at, to show the girls where I work on Thursdays. Natalie freaked out since they have bears and moose decor, and she now has a fear of an animals - especially mounted deer heads. After we finished shopping there, we headed over to do alittle shopping at Pamida. My sister is getting into scrapbooking (she does a awesome job - she is VERY creative!!!), so I took her there to check out whatelse she can find for her scrapbooking retreat on Saturday.

Im glad we stopped as the computer desk I have been eyeing was on sale! So I picked it up, since I wanted it for a sewing station in the computer room (time to move from the kitchen table!). We then headed over to the hotel. Got our room, settled in, and then it was off to the pool!

We spent about an hour in the pool and hot tub! Oh was it relaxing!! The girls are going to be little fish when it comes time for swimming lessons!! After we dried off and got dressed we headed over to KFC.

Returned back to the hotel.. and all the girls wanted to do was eat!! Finally, well after 10:30p, they crashed. My sister and I spent some time on the laptops, as I was helping her with things on there.

This morning, bright and early (7am - very early for me), I woke up to a wide awake, giggly 3 yr old! After much laying around - we headed off to the breakfast area. We checked out around 10:30a, and was on the way to pick up Uncle Brian, for a trip to Iron Mountain. They had never been that way, and I needed to get a few things.

It was sad to see them head home around 3pm.

I miss them already!!


Aussie Stitcher said...

Your nieces are gorgeous, glad you were able to have a wonderful time with them

Shari said...

it sounds as if you had a wonderful time with "the girls". How fun!!!! I don't have neices...will you share?!?!?!
You have been a very busy gal!!!

Missy said...

Oh, they are soo cute! I think that Natalie has grown, and Kaylee is just adorable with that toothy little baby grin.

Sounds like you had an awesome time!!

: )

The Chicken Lady said...

Great pics. It's so great to visit family, but it stinks when they leave.

Pumpkin said...

What a couple of cuties :o)

Meari said...

Sounds like a great time, Kim. They're cuties! I know the warm & fuzzies you get when the kids are thrilled to see you and be with you. :D


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