SBQ - April 5th

Today's SBQ was suggested by Heather and is:

How do you decide which stitching blogs are worth repeat and/or regular viewings? Are there certain things you look for in particular?Are there things you wish there were more of? Less of? Is your blog a good example of what you like to read?

Well mostly when other bloggers post their WIP's, finishes, etc. to their blog, they then post that they have posted to their blog, which gets me to their blog to look. I love looking! Mostly, when a comment is left on my blog, I then in turn feel its right to leave a comment on their blog. Which then finds their blog onto my google reader, and if I remember blog roll.

Well I mostly like to look at things that I shouldn't. Which gets me into a panic, since I too want to be stitching what they are stitching, or finishing what they are finishing. The blogs I really enjoy are the ones that keep me interested. I love reading about other peoples lives. Like a sitcom some times. I have laughed, gasped, and just the other day I was crying from reading a post about death.

Yes I would have to say that my blog is an example of myself. I love to be specific, and hate to say it, I'm a perfectionist at "certain" things. Since the blog represents me, I want to make it fun, and like to change it around so it doesn't become boring.

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