Checking In

Hi Everyone!! I'm here... well I think I still am! Man oh man... where do I start

I will sum up my past umpteen days as.. EXTREMELY BUSY!

I have worked straight since a week ago Wednesday and my next day off is June 15th! I have been working less days at the nursing home, and picked up a couple more days at the quilt shop. And for some reason I have become swamped with QSnap Huggers. So someone out there is advertising for me (thank you to whom ever it was!!

I finally got my truck back! It was the fuel pump. I'm happy I got it back - heck I haven't even driven it yet..LOL Kinda disappointed about having to wait a 1.5 weeks to get it back. Now, do you think I should wait 1.5 weeks to pay the bill?!?

We have our water situation figured out! Poor Brian has been struggling with this situation for a week or more. Our water in the bathtub started acting funky, and then all of a sudden the water on the cold side stopped flowing. Then all of a sudden we had no water in the whole house!! Well Brian had to investigate why we had no water... that's when all heck broke loose. He had to dig up the water line to see if it had water. The hose was all plugged up!! Well long story short, I'm so proud of my DH. He and along with my BIL got the water situation all fixed, and it was so nice to take a long awaited shower, let me just say that!! I have become a frequent shopper at Ace, I wonder if they will expect me tomorrow.. LOL

Umm what else.. oh yeah. Today in Iron River, they had their Market Day, which runs along with the rodeo, which is in town this weekend. Well tonight was "Pink Night" at the rodeo. They were selling these tshirts - I just had to have one! You see I'm not a fan of pink at all. When I saw this shirt I had to buy and wear it that instant. LOL I was really excited about this shirt. It was only $10, and half the amount went to cancer research in our area. I thought that was awesome! So I wear that shirt in honor of a coworker, Bev, Missy's Mom, and Cathey, who have battled that struggle, and one that is fighting it now.

Deanna Favre, the wife of Brett Favre, battled breast cancer herself, and has a foundation. This was on the back of the tshirt.

Tonight while Bri and Jon were working on the faucet in the bathtub, I decided to have a campfire and just get out of the house and RELAX! I had mowed the lawn earlier, and thought I would just take a moment and just be by myself. Well that didn't last long as I had wonderful company join me. My SIL, Lia and her two kids, Destiny and Stevie joined me. And next thing you know, the s'more were out! I love campfires! Oh and our camping trips were getting planned. Sounds like next Thursday might be the first one.. he he.

Well I suppose I should get to bed. Gotta work this weekend at the quilt shop. And I'm sure it will be busy cause of the rodeo in town. Looking forward to my first hour watching the rodeo parade... hehe


Sally said...

LOVE your t-shirt Kim! I love pink and would happily one like that.

stitcherw said...

Glad you got the water sorted out, that would be awful to not have it working right. The pink shirt is cute, and the bonfire looks like it would have been a lot of fun to, I love s'mores.

Rachel said...

So glad you participated in the cancer benefit...its great you are getting orders for those qsnaps but I bet you are staying VERY busy!!

Shari said...

good to hear from you Kim! You have been mighty busy between work & q snap huggers. WOW!!! You need a vacation!!!! Got anything planned?!?!?!?!?!

Pumpkin said...

No water. Gotta love that. NOT! It's amazing how much we depend on indoor plumming. Glad to hear it got fixed.

I LOVE THAT SHIRT KIM!!!! Thank you for the reference :o) If you see a shirt like that again, lmk because I'll send you some money :o)

Campfires are so nice. I just wish the bugs didn't go along with them :o(

The Chicken Lady said...

Girl, I'm feeling your busyness over here, and I don't even know what I've been doing! I haven't been online in ages, it seems like. I'm with Shari, you need a vacation!! :)

Meari said...

I bet your happy to have your truck back... and running water!!


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