Pics of Kaylee & Natalie

Tonight while I was downloading the ornament pics to the computer, I forgot I had some pictures of the girls, Natalie and Kaylee. I took these pics while waiting for my sister to return from getting her vehicle.

The one to the left is my sister's favorite, and I had to add it to her MySpace.. he he.

Here are some of my favorites of the girls. The one with Kaylee sitting on Natalie's back was cute I think!! Amy said its usually the opposite.. LOL And why dont I find that hard to believe. Too precious!!
As if Natalie is saying, "Only this one time for you, Aunt Kim" he he

The one where they are both on the grass, I can see my sister in Kaylee, in her face. I always thought my sister was cute as a little girl with her black hair, long hair.
It was a blast to spend the weekend with them, and their Uncle Brian loved spending the time with them at the hotel too.

Now my nephew, I bought him a firefighting shirt, and I couldnt even get him to give me a high five, as he was afraid of me.. broke my heart.

I also found out that Im going to be expecting another niece in November.. its great to hear the news, but when is it going to be my turn!?!


Meari said...

Great pics of the girls!! :)

Shari said...

adorable doll babies!!!!! Tell them hello from me!!!! I had so much fun with Miss Natalie!!!

Pumpkin said...

Cute kids :o)


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