Pics from Brian's Bday

Well Brian's bday was Tuesday -

I came home from work, with KFC. Talk about being stuffed!!

As I started to get comfy in my chair - the phone rang. Brian's Mom was calling to say that Brian's brother and wife were next door and wanted Brian to come over, as they had something for him.

Brian went over, since I was falling asleep in the chair. He came back over to say that they had brought cake and ice cream. And I had to bring the camera to take a picture of the cake.

So here is the birthday boy, with his cake.

I guess there was alittle story behind the cake. One of the boys in the family use to eat bugs. Well Brian's brother saw the cake, and thought of Brian (thinking he was the one that ate the bugs.. LOL). Thank goodness it wasnt Brian that ate the bugs.. LOL The cake was delicious - and so was the ice cream.. hehe
Thanks to those that left Brian a bday wish - he says "Thank you!"


Shari said...

what a cute cake!!! That was so nice of them to do!!!! I bet it made his day!!!

Missy said...

Aww, he looks so happy! Happy belated birthday, Brian! Wishing you many, many more!

: )

The Chicken Lady said...

Cute cake. Wanna hear something icky? I used to eat snails. I'd crack the shell, neatly pull it off and eat the critter. Now it makes me want to hurl thinking about it, but I do like escargot! :) tee hee

Pumpkin said...

LOL! I LOVE the cake!


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