Liberty House Sampler - HIH FINISH

This finish has memories in its short life.. lol

It even got to ride in the truck as it was getting airlifted on the back of a wrecker on the way to the repair shop. Talk about traveling in style!

Here is Liberty House Sampler from Heart In Hand. Stitched on 28ct raw linen with DMC floss. I had seen this on someone's blog, and since I have seen it framed. Talk about needing to do this design!!

Ok, so you wanna know what is wrong with my truck huh?! Brian had a DR appt on Tuesday in Iron Mountain - 40 miles from here. Well we were thru with his appt, we were all in good spirits as the appt went well with his new DR, and we get in the truck (my MIL was also with us). I turn the key to start. It struggles to start, and I keep trying. Brian thinks there might be water in the gas. No close by gas station, but a ShopKo... so I took a walk about .5 miles to get some ISOHeet. I have the blisters on the bottom of my feet from my leather sandals.

I put the ISOHeet in the tank, and we wait alittle. In the meantime I'm calling my BIL for advise. Well fast forward. I had to call a tow truck to come and haul the truck somewhere!! Well, the mechanic is 46 miles from where the truck is. Well $169 dollars later and an hour drive, me and the truck are in Iron River, at the repair garage. BIL & SIL offered to pick us up, well the wrecker driver said that he couldn't wait too long, so I said, why don't I just ride in the wrecker, and you (Brian and MIL) ride back with BIL & SIL. Well guess what!! BIL & SIL couldn't find the clinic that Brian and MIL were stranded at.. LOL So I had to wait a bit to get picked up from the garage.

Of course, I needed a vehicle to drive since my truck was out of commission. Brian's van needed a new battery since the one that was in the van was not staying charged. We stopped to pick up a battery, we thought we got the right one. Nope, got home and it didn't work. I had to call into work and say I had no transportation as my truck was at the repair shop, and hubby's van needed a battery and we needed to go to the mechanic and tell him what was wrong with it.. LOL

The mechanic called at 7:30a to find out what was wrong with the truck. He stated he would have a diagnosis of what is wrong before we got there at 9am. We borrowed my MIL's car and we went to the repair shop, and found out that its the fuel pump. So I need a fuel pump for my truck.. here is the good news. He might not get to it till Saturday or Monday, possibly Tuesday!! We stopped and picked up the correct battery for the van, and I was off to work.


Mary Ann said...

I love Liberty House Sampler--wonderful finish!! And, you certainly had an adventurous day!

Pumpkin said...

Very nice finish Kim :o) Sorry about your truck troubles :o( Just think, that money could go towards stash! LOL!

Vickie said...

Very pretty finish Kim! Wow! You must have been exhausted after the day you had!!! Sorry to hear about your truck and Van! Hopefully they will be fixed soon!!

stitcherw said...

Cute finish, and it certainly does have a bit of history with it. Sorry you've had such difficulty with your truck. We get so dependent on our cars that it is very hard to work around them when they aren't working right. Hope both the truck and van are running fine for you now.

Shari said...

I love it! I have got to do something patriotic! I love all of the ones I am seeing.
I KNEW I hadn't talked to you in a long time!!! WOW!!! I hadn't even talked to you since Brian's appt.
Where is the time going?!?!?
SOrry about all the vehicle trouble, but so thankful it happened now & not on the way to retreat!

Meari said...

Liberty Sampler looks great, Kim. Sorry to hear about your vehicle troubles. :(


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