ILCS 2007 Retreat

I have to say - I had the most wonderful time at the retreat that I wish I had someone in my area that I could sit and stitch with, as I loved that feeling!!

Well for me, it all started on Tuesday, as I had the day off and I had to make the final packing and arrangements of the prizes, and the last minute printing of the thank you certificates for the donations. And of course pack all the clothes and stuff to bring to the retreat.

Wednesday we left home around 11am, made a pit stop at the eye Dr for Brian's glasses (just made it in time for the lady to turn the "be back at 1p" sign, or we would had to wait another hour). We went to Neenah with my sister and the girls and my Mom to visit Julie (my sister's MIL that was involved in the accident the Saturday before, with Natalie). We stayed at my sister's place and my Mom was to be by before 8am Thurs. morning, so we could pack the truck, and be on the road ASAP.

Thursday morning, my Mom was knocking on the patio door @ 7:30am, and Brian & I were sleeping on the couch still.. LOL We got the truck packed and everyone strapped in, and was on the road by 8:30am. We arrived in Indianapolis around 6pm (we even missed a Chicago toll, as we were forced to stay in the I-Pass lane.. lol) It was great to meet everyone, and stitch and stitch - once I was settled. Natalie joined me, and she wanted to cut threads - since I had give away floss along, I let her cut the threads. Red seemed to be the color of choice. LOL

Friday morning after breakfast, I helped Shari with her quilt, and then after we were off shopping!! We hit Persnickety's, Needle Fever, and a Hobby Lobby. And had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack - cute place!! We arrived back at the hotel, and it was time to stitch again. :) I stitched the backstitching around my biscornu, and Natalie again joined me for the evening, and lots of memories were made. :)

Saturday morning I hung around with my family, as I was feeling guilty as I was sorta abandoning them - since the earliest I was to bed was around 2am each night. I had breakfast with them, and took them to another Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Arrived back to participate in the pinkeep class, and the biscornu class. During the day, we had two guest. Lori from Enchanted Fabrics (who was on vacation in the area) stopped by during the pinkeep class. Around 4, Karen Kluba from Rosewood Manor, graced us with a mini trunk show! It was such an honor as we got to see a model that was yet to be released and Katie (who model stitches for her) met her "boss" for the first time. Karen, as I had requested, brought Katie's model along that she stitched for ABC Tapestry. The look on Katie's face when I told her Karen was coming, it was priceless!!

Saturday evening we had a pizza party, and cake to celebrate the group's 3rd birthday. And we stayed up and stitched.

Sunday morning we took off for home around 9:30am, and around 7pm, we arrived back to my sister's place. Brian and I came home Monday, and I was soooo tired. I even had Tuesday off, and I was still tired!!

Natalie really loved being with me, and my "stitching friends" as she called them. Thanks to Karin, Shari, Vickie, Debra, Meari, Michelle, Katie, Annette, Julie, Coleen for attending the retreat, and it was so great to meet you in person!! And I hope to do it again. :) I came home with lots more goodies from the prizes, shopping, and the swapping.
I hope to post a few more pictures, as I need to get permission from the picture taker. :)
Can't wait till ILCS 2008 Retreat!!


Aussie Stitcher said...

Glad that you had a great time at the retreat, sounds like Natalie had a great time also.


Meari said...

The retreat was SO fun, Kim. Thanks for posting to your blog about it... which is where I found out. It was great meeting you and all the other stitchers. Natalie and Kaylee were little dolls!

Rachel said...

Those girls are adorable!!! Sounds like you had a good time at the retreat..glad you could get away!!

Shari said...

can we go back Kim!??!?! I had such a good time!!!! I am finally caught up around here!!! I had a super day today! Be sure to check my blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, great report. I am so glad that you could make it again this year. Thanks for everything that you did, it was a great success. See you next year.


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