Winner of the 8" QSnap Hugger


Drum roll please.

It only took 9 pages of paper to print out all the comments. Thanks to the ladies that took the time to stop by and look, and enter the contest.

Not yet...

With having 51 entries... I have decided to allow 3 winners.

1. Sandy (larsan)
2. Rita (stitcher722)
3. Marjean

Thanks so much ladies!!! I'm off to email you now!!

Thanks to the ones that left comments of appreciation of their QSnap Hugger that they have ordered!!! It means so much! And I look forward to all those that have said that they will be ordering a QSnap Hugger in the future.


Claire said...

Congratulations to the winners - sure they will all enjoy one of your Huggers Kim!


Pumpkin said...

Congrats winners! If you don't have a Hugger already you're going to LOVE them!

Shari said...

congrats to the winners!!!!! The fabrics you chose are great!!!
Thanks to Kim for the contest!!!


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