Drive by posting...

that's what it feels like! Driving by to drop a post of .. "I'm still here!"

Been one busy girl! Hope to find more time to post a few things.. especially the SFE, and PIF that I'm waiting to hear about when they arrive to their destination.

Still getting ready for the quilt show that is this weekend in Iron River. I'm vending - so for the past week I have been packing up the shop, and taking it on the road this weekend to the quilt show. I'm about 80% ready, and go today to set up at the museum, where the quilt show is being held. I worked on my demo last night, but it sounds soooo choppy. But I'm going to leave it.. gives me a base to talk about. I'm "demo-ing" about the internet.. how the internet is a unlimited source of free tips. techniques and patterns.

Yesterday got all my information typed up about Quilt Pink for our shop on Sept 29th, come to find out its the weekend before! &$#@!! I'm going to hold the Quilt Pink on the 29th, so I have to go back and change all the signs with new ones I had to make again last night. ARGH!! Don't know where I got Sept 29th from, besides I cant be there anyways that weekend before, since I work at the nursing home.

Well - I suppose, get my butt in gear.. Got some things I gotta do here yet, and then its off to the quilt shop, pack and unpack.. blah.. LOL Have a great weekend!!

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Pumpkin said...

That's got to rot your socks :o( Good thing you caught the mistake beforehand!


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