Inspiration Times 2

Today was the second day of the quilt show. What a great way to get inspiration, and most importantly - motivation!!

Brian came with me today to the quilt show. He more so kept me company. We did go for a little walk around the museum to see the other quilts, and then we spotted one of the quilts that I helped to piece together. I actually had not seen the quilt before this. I knew it was quilted and finished. So, of course I had to have my picture taken next to it. :)

This next quilt, I helped to make the New York Beauty part of it, since its done with paper piecing. So I had asked permission of the quilt's owner to snap a picture. :) Love the colors in it!!!

While I was sitting around working my booth, I was able to stitch. I went to go and take out Think Pink to work on... umm where is the pattern!!?! Don't tell me I left it at home.. yep, I did!! So I wasn't able to stitch on that. But then I thought, what the heck, I got all the stuff to attach the charms to Princess. So I did that instead. I got it finished and I love how it turned out! When I was finished with that, I worked on the binding for the wildlife panel I made. Got all that finished. So really, I was busy while I sat around.. he he.

Brian and I got the area all packed up, made our two trips to the store to drop stuff off. Before I left the store, I put a few things back. But man, I have a disaster zone when I return on Tuesday.. he he. Looks like they had customers from the quilt show stopping by to buy material. Sweet!!

So now, I'm in my sweats, and going to go and conquer that Think Pink, and hope to have a finish in a day or two.


KaLu said...

they are both so beutiful!

Meari said...

Beautiful quilts, Kim.


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