So, what's Kim been up too...

humm lets see. Since the mishap with the rotary cutter (bless its soul), I have been taking my mind off it, by working.. (LOL)

Waiting to hear the news on my truck.. Sunday night I was coming home from work, and the O/D Off light on the dash of my Explorer started blinking. So, took it to the mechanic on Monday, and got a call on Wednesday saying that they had to order the part for something in the transmission, but it sounded minor, so fingers crossed. Just when it seems like money starts to pile up in the savings, you gotta deplete it again... I just hate that!!
Ive taken a sabbatical from cross stitching for a bit, and have been working on QSnap Hugger orders, and been working on the quilt project. The quilt has been slow going, since there is so many pieces to put together, but Im getting it to move faster. Hope to be piecing the blocks together soon. :)

Looking forward to starting a SAL of Inspirations by Rosewood Manor. It will be my largest BAP Ive have ever done. Doing the SAL with Vickie.

I really appreciate all the comments that are left. They really make my day! THANK YOU!!

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Vickie said...

I just love the colors you have chosen for this one. I think they are so pretty!


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