Someone had fun

Something must have been really good to end up with a face like this. Here is Kaylee Maizer, as her sister calls her.

Check out this picture of my nephew, Conway.. looks like he had fun at our cottage over the weekend... LOL He is all boy -Play hard, sleep hard!!

While we stayed home to clean the house over the Labor Day weekend, the rest of my family went to our cottage. My brother's gf took the pictures and my sister emailed them on to me to see.
Found out from my sister - Kaylee's face shows the aftermath of S'mores. :)


The Chicken Lady said...

Yep, when your face is that dirty, it's a sure sign of FUN, FUN, FUN! :)

Pumpkin said...

I bet a certain duo had ice cream???? ;o)

Cindy said...

Very cute pics :)


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