SFE for Mylene

I recieved word that Mylene has recieved my SFE (Small Finish Exchange) that I sent her recently.

She said "Thank you so much. I really like how you finished this pillow and the colour of fabrics you had used are my favorites. You are really a great stitcher and finisher!!"

I loved stitching it, and finishing it off. I love doing these kinds of exchanges!! The design is from Blackbird Designs, you can find the finish here.

I gotta get my next SFE finished... Vickie is dying to see what I made her.. LOL


Shari said...

looks beautiful Kim!! Mylene is lucky!!!!

The Chicken Lady said...

Those are super cute.:)

valda said...

That's pretty! Love the finish!

KaLu said...

sooooooooooo beuatiful!!!!!!!!!!!


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