Oh I hate..

Grocery Shopping!!!

I dont know what is worse, going with a list, or finding what you think would be good, cause then you gotta run on the opposite side of the store for an ingredient. ARGH!!!

Oh well, Im home now, and everything is put away. Now Im off to stitch! Making great progress on the SGB, but then Im starting to feel a cold coming on.. geez whiz, I just got rid of it a couple weeks ago.

NyQuil - here I come!


SGB WIP Progress Report - Jan 26

Today is Day 9 of the stitchathon of the Sampler Game Board. What day are you on?!?!.. oh man if Brett Favre was only tossing me the football!..LOL - ahh... too much listening to the commercials while stitching..LOL

I wanted to take a picture and post the progress, as I need to take the fabric off the Qsnap and move it as its getting uncomfortable to stitch. You can see on a previous post which was Day 5 of stitching, how much I have gotten done! Today I happen to stitch two house together, as they seemed to have the same floss colors. And that seemed to help the progress of stitching.. made it fun. :)

I want to work the bottom first than the top, so I will make sure I get enough room to continue on this stitchathon.. he he

Tagged - 6 Weird Things about Me!

Thanks to Irene and Michelle, I have been tagged twice.. he he. I was just thinking this morning, I haven't been tagged yet, but have seen it on other blogs.. so I thought I wasn't that weird then. Do you know how hard it is to think of yourself being weird.. LOL

The rules: Each player of this game starts with the "6 weird things about you." People who get tagged need to write in their blog of 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.
  • I have nightmares when I eat ice cream @ night
  • DH says I wiggle my toes while sleeping (that I didn't know.. LOL)
  • Don't like tomato juice out of a glass, but LOVE tomato soup out of the bowl.
  • When home & driving alone - I need to have the radio on. Can't stand silence.
  • If tired - I can chew a piece of gum and it wakes me up.
  • I feel more comfortable in the driver's seat. Even drive parents' vehicle when visiting them.
  • My nails always have to be trimmed - can't stand dirty or cracked nails!

Ok I tag the following...

Missy - Shari - and whoever else hasn't been tagged yet, as the rest of my blogroll seems to have been tagged already!


SBQ - January 24, 2007

Today's SBQ was suggested by Danielle and is:

What company produces your favorite hand-dyed fabric? Are there any companies whose hand-dyed fabric you do not like? If so, why?

Gosh this is an awesome questions as I have just started getting into hand-dyed fabrics. I only have ordered from Sassy's Fabbys and I will order from no other! The service you receive from Sassy is just awesome! She is very personal and takes the time to answer emails and they are so sweet! I wanna patronize someone that cares about me, rather feeling like I'm a number.

I have joined Sassy's Color of the Month Club a few months back and have been happy with every order I have received. I also have put in 2 special orders. One being the piece that I'm using to stitch SGB on, and for a future wedding piece. The prices of the fabric I feel is very reasonable.

I'm one happy repeating customer!

Edited to add
I had left a post on the Sassy Fabby's Yahoo Group, and you can see how personal Lauren is... she sent me a personal email.. see what I mean.. she makes you feel like a friend, not a customer!

-------Original Message-------

From: Sassy
Date: 01/25/07 11:51:16
To: -Kim-
Subject: Re: Favorite Hand Dyed Fabric Question

AW....I think I am actually blushing !!! :)
Thank you so much sweetie....that really made my day !!!!

Oh my gosh...your SGB looks awesome !!!!! I can't believe you have gotten that much stitched already.

Your fabric just went out with today's mail, so it should be there by the beginning of the week. I can't wait to see that one when you are done too !!! You have such great taste in charts :)

Thank you again.....I have a permanent smile now :)

See why I love Sassy's Fabby's!!!! :) Will be stalking the mailbox.. Sassy mail in route.. WOOHOO!


SGB WIP Progress Report

Day 5 - Since last report, stitched 4 houses and 4 motifs. Stitched border and WXYZ
Ok, disregard the date on the pic. Just happen to take the pic @ 12:01 am. But the progress was from Fri, Sat, and Sun.. he he he.

I'm hoping I can do at least one block a day. That's my goal. I know I wont be able to every day, but it looks like I already have made up for those days..;)


Brian DID IT!

This is not cross stitch related or quilting related.. this is umm personal related.. LOL But I had to share since I have family and friends that check out my blog.

Ok, here is the story, before I met Brian he was clean shaven.. well I have a thing for guys with goatees. Well Brian grew a goatee for me. Well this past several months, he kinda just let it go. Well I have been pleading with him to cut it off! We discussed it last night, and he said that he would do it, but I had to take a picture of him before he did. Well tonight I'm in my chair stitching away, and in comes Brian.. "take a picture" I'm thinking, ok he has his shirt off, he wants me to take a pic of him bare chested (ok, come on now.. he has been working out and he is really developing in the chest area... LOL). Nope he had combed that darn beard. ICK!

Well we went into the bathroom where the light was better for taking a picture. I took a picture and said, so you going to do it now? His response was "I'm too tired." Well next thing you know I'm grabbing the garbage bag, placing it on the sink.. and he grabbed for his bread trimmer, and away he went at it!

He still needs to shave with the razor, but man oh man, look at the results! I'm happy!!!!!


After!!! Its amazing how hair makes a person look!

Patriotic YBR WIP Quilt

I have been wanting to do a Patriotic quilt, so I found my Yellow Brick Road pattern, and went away at it!

I believe it was Thursday night I cut up the pieces, and since I used more fat quarters than it called for, I had to select the different fabrics to work with. So I had enough to make 2 quilts.

Well last night I took a break from SBG, and got out the sewing machine and put it on the kitchen table, and went at it!

I did have a mishap with the quilt and it well, I had to cut some of the outer blocks on the length side to accommodate.

I still need to buy some border fabric and also the binding material. I already have the backing material. The size of the quilt will be appropriate for the back of a recliner.
Thanks to DH, Brian, for holding up the quilt so I could snap this picture.. aren't they great for something! Oh yeah, and he didn't even complain. YEA! I think that deserves for me to make him some lunch.. LOL Ack... just looked out the window, and I see its snowing.


SGB WIP Update - Jan 19th

Yes I know its late, but I wanted to post a picture of the Sampler Game Board I started yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. Can you see I was excited to get started on it?! So far 4 houses are stitched, and 4 motifs (sheep, dog, crown, flower). I stitched the sheep and the house to the left of the sheep, tonight. I started in the middle and just kinda went to the right. I prefer to start stitching the blocks on the lower left corner and working up. So Ive had to make some adjustments to the way I stitch.


SBQ - January 17, 2007

Today's SBQ is:

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

As of this date, I have had 6 happy dances so far! One being a sorta BAP, and 5 of the others being a smaller scale finish. Two Blue Houses, Dog & Cat Lover finishes, Let it Snow, Winter's Eve, and Quaker Heart. Im also happy that I have started on SGB (which so far I have put 5 stitched squares on.) I do have Quilt Time Sampler, that kinda became a temporary UFO.. but I will get it done soon.

HA! I also figured out why I wasnt getting this question and last week's to my email... would help if I changed the email to the new email, might help, ya think?

Sampler Game Board START

I cant take it anymore!!!

Ok, I have decided Im going to START the Sampler Game Board.. its been "screaming" at me, and its all I can think about (well not really..LOL). So Im going to start it in a bit. So here we go... its January 17th, and Im begining! GO ME!

Thought I would post some pictures of the floss Im going to be using and the color of the fabric (Sassy's Tan Marble 28ct evenweave). I went out and bought all the DMC the pattern calls for.

I will post a picture tonight of my progress.


Quaker Heart FINISH

Got me two finishes today.. but I can only share one. Last night I finished stitching, and then today I put the final bead into the "project". So I have it done, now just need to get it framed.

Recently I have fallen in love with Quaker style designs, and my inspiration (aka enabling) came from Cathy. Over the weekend I was looking for a freebie quaker style heart, I know what I was wanting to look for, but didnt think I would actually find it as a freebie! So I printed out the chart, found a piece of 32ct Cream Belfast linen, and Garnet (WDW) and went at it! I started last night, and I finished it up just a bit ago. I did iron it.. but I guess there is a trick with dyed floss as the color from the floss bled onto the linen. But I love the lucky anyways! I love that it looks antique. Im going to finish it off into a pillow of sorts.


Congrats to Missy Welcome Baby Connor!!

Through blogging, I met Missy right before she had gotten pregnant... we just hit it off right away! I remember when on her ticker on her blog showed that she had 100 days to go, and I commented to her, just think in no time the baby will be here! Well it is! Im so excited for her and her DH! I have enjoyed watching her blog and reading the emails of her dr appointments. And now their bundle of joy made his entrance to world on Thursday, Jan 11th (on her due date, how cool is that!).

You can read about little Connor on her blog.

Missy -
He is soo precious!! Congrats to you and Jim! You get some rest now, and make sure that Jim does his diaper duty, and feedings, and you get your rest! Connor Paul - I love it!!! Congrats again on the arrival!

Winter's Eve FINISH

This is called "Winter's Eve" from Country Cottage Needleworks. It was in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas 2006 magazine. I stitched on 28ct linen (not sure of the color) over two. I used the list DMC floss, but I changed the tree color and the house color. I did not stitch the blue border around the design.
I hope to turn this into a ornament pillow


Google Reader

Ok, I have jumped in with both feet and did the Google Reader. I see with Internet Explorer 7 on here, it has a RSS feed button (well it shows that the site that you are currently on will show as being a constant update.. so I guess you have to go to Google Reader each time to get an update), so if there is an update it will be accessable. Ok, everyone update your blogs, I wanna see if it works.. LOL... KIDDING!

I have kept Blog Rolling on the side bar.. just to lazy to do all the links again, and besides all this monkeying around is taking away from my stitching time!

I was "this close" to putting my first stitch into the Sampler Game Board. Which the SAL starts on the 1st. I do have Sassy's Tan Marble already to go on the Qsnap... and its just screaming out "STITCH ON ME". I got to the point last night where I found the middle. But then I thought... I shouldnt.. LOL I decided today to go and get the DMC floss for it.. as I thought it would be good to have its own floss, so I dont have to keep digging for the numbers it calls for if I happen to use the floss on a different project.

SBQ - January 10th

After a holiday break, the Stitching Blogger's Question was posted Wednesday. What a neat question.

Do you dream of running your own LNS/ONS? If so, tell us about yourdream. If not, tell us about your cross stitch dream… maybe you dream of designing, dyeing your own floss or fabric, etc.

I have thought of it in the past, of running my own ONS. I think it would be so neat to be able to offer that service to others that dont have a LNS, which is the same reason I use ebay, and ONS if need be. But my goal in life is just to stitch the stash I have here.. and with quilting, I need to work on my stash pile there! So in away I have my LNS/ONS in my home.. LOL


Let It Snow Finish (of course)

Of course this scan doesnt do this finish justice!

This is a free design from Lizzie*Kate - called "Let It Snow". Its stitched on 14ct Primarily Blue from Sassy - reminded me of the sky when its snowing out. I used DMC floss to stitch it.

I started it tonight about 11:30p, and just got done with it about 15 minutes ago (which would have been 1:45a. So as you can see I have to get to bed now. LOL


Dog & Cat Lover Finishes

I started and finished these today -

Both are from Lizzie*Kate - I used the Cat Lovers II chart and used a part of the design. I then charted out the Dog Lover to be the same and changed the color.

They both are stitched on 28ct linen using DMC floss.

Both will be finished off into little hanging pillows.


Two Blue Houses Finished!

Here is my first 2007 finish. I finished a design from Little House Needleworks - called "Two Blue Houses". I stitched it along with the LHN Yahoo Group. The SAL started on Jan 1st. I did start on Monday (Jan 1st), and met my goal of getting it finished this weekend. I used the called DMC floss, and I used a piece of DMC 28ct 842 - very light beige brown linen.

Im also excited as I got my piece for the Sampler Game Board that Im starting on Feb 1st today from Sassy! I love the color!

Ok, now I think Im going to start something "small" and work on it while I rest up for the SGB.. LOL


Countdown to starting ...

Sampler Game Board by Drawn Threads. Starting on Feb 1st.

I created this countdown to the BAP which I will be SAL with other stitchers that have agreed to take on the challenge of stitching this design. Just waiting on getting the fabric that I ordered from Sassy's!


Is it me... or is Blogrolling not working?!?! Cause Im missing all the recent updates! GRRR!


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