40 + 40 = 80!

Yep, 80 blocks are FINISHED! I was able to finish the flying geese/small block blocks today! Now, all I have left to do is stitch all the blocks together. Hope to have this quilt finished by the end of October.

Also worked on another adopted quilt today for a stitching friend. I got really frustrated, and my machine was disputing giving me heck. The person before me used, I believe, Wonder Under on the blocks, and well, about every 20 - 30 stitch, I had to stop, cut the thread and clean off the needle. Something that should have taken me minutes to finish up, took me about an hour just to get a row on. All I have left to do is put on the right and left borders. But that means I gotta stitch thru a total of ten blocks with the icky stuff. I hope to have that done ... soon!

Well, this week is working again. My next day off is Friday. Hope to find out about my truck soon!

Check out Stitch Pink - having a contest for a Breast Cancer scissor fob. I have it here, and I wish I could enter, and I wouldnt mind keeping it for myself.

Also, if you could visit Missy's blog. She is doing something WONDERFUL in memory of her Mom. I had the great pleasure to meet Missy in March when she was home visiting her family in IL. Best of luck to you Missy, and thanks for being my friend!!


So, what's Kim been up too...

humm lets see. Since the mishap with the rotary cutter (bless its soul), I have been taking my mind off it, by working.. (LOL)

Waiting to hear the news on my truck.. Sunday night I was coming home from work, and the O/D Off light on the dash of my Explorer started blinking. So, took it to the mechanic on Monday, and got a call on Wednesday saying that they had to order the part for something in the transmission, but it sounded minor, so fingers crossed. Just when it seems like money starts to pile up in the savings, you gotta deplete it again... I just hate that!!
Ive taken a sabbatical from cross stitching for a bit, and have been working on QSnap Hugger orders, and been working on the quilt project. The quilt has been slow going, since there is so many pieces to put together, but Im getting it to move faster. Hope to be piecing the blocks together soon. :)

Looking forward to starting a SAL of Inspirations by Rosewood Manor. It will be my largest BAP Ive have ever done. Doing the SAL with Vickie.

I really appreciate all the comments that are left. They really make my day! THANK YOU!!


In Memory of..

Sniff Sniff *wiping tear*.

Some how (maybe it had enough falling on the floor), in playful handling, my Friskars Softtouch 45mm Rotary cutter, ended its life, tonight.

It no longer is one, but (in) two (pieces). You were my favorite all time rotary cutter! You were there for many of quilts, and 100's of QSnap Huggers. You were there sitting there on the counter when I needed a quick cut. You surely will be missed!!

Sniff Sniff... may you go on and become whom you were meant to be... cause I'm taking out your heart blade, and off to the recycling bin you go!! Rest in peace.

Survivors: Kim

To my dearest Rotary Cutter: You sure will bet on it I will find your long lost sister/brother, and I will gladly tell them about you, cause you were the best!! Your cousin, Olfa, well he just isn't the same. ~Kim~

Hey R.C. you will be missed! You had the cleanest cut around.. I will miss you. Love RCM (Rotary Cutting Mat)

Memorials will be used to purchase a NEW Friskars Softtouch 45mm Rotary Cutter. Please feel free to leave a condolence.

Sorry, I just found the humor in this, and I just had to post!! LMAO


Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat - MODEL

How exciting is this!!!

A stitching friend (thanks Vickie!!) referred me, and I was asked by Debbie Draper to model stitch for her. I jumped on the chance, as I love to stitch for others!!

How exciting it was to find my own name on a pattern, and it in my hot little hands!! This is like every stitcher's dream, to model stitch for designers!!

You can go over to her site, and check out my cat on her site, and see my name! Its an honor to stitch, and actually get recognized.

Here is my model I stitched for Debbie. Its called "Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat" Stitched over 2 on 28ct White Jobelan. Oh wait, you can just see all the details of the design here.

SFE for Mylene

I recieved word that Mylene has recieved my SFE (Small Finish Exchange) that I sent her recently.

She said "Thank you so much. I really like how you finished this pillow and the colour of fabrics you had used are my favorites. You are really a great stitcher and finisher!!"

I loved stitching it, and finishing it off. I love doing these kinds of exchanges!! The design is from Blackbird Designs, you can find the finish here.

I gotta get my next SFE finished... Vickie is dying to see what I made her.. LOL


Autumn Colors in the Northwoods

I had seen my first tree changing its color at the end of July. I thought, oh yeah.. time for the change... and the colder weather. Making summer come to an end.

I can not believe the color we have this year!! We were lacking rain, and were very dry all summer, but man oh man the color!! I even seen a tree today that was a bright red color - it was amazing!! I hope to take a picture tomorrow of the tree.

The first picture looking out towards are dried up pond.
This is looking west over our pond.

This morning while I stopped to put gas in the truck, I got out the camera and snapped some pictures. This is looking south on Hwy 139 in Tipler,
and north, towards Michigan.

The last picture was taken on my way to work, Im not sure of the lakes name, but it was taken near Phelps, WI.


Lost In This Moment - Big & Rich Video

Sorry to the dial up visitors, but I wanted to share my favorite video right now, I love this song!! Gosh, what a great wedding song


See the motivation..

its already starting.. LOL

Here is my progress on the last of the blocks, that I need to make to complete one of the blocks for the Tribeca quilt. I hope to focus more on it now, that the show is over. :)

Inspiration Times 2

Today was the second day of the quilt show. What a great way to get inspiration, and most importantly - motivation!!

Brian came with me today to the quilt show. He more so kept me company. We did go for a little walk around the museum to see the other quilts, and then we spotted one of the quilts that I helped to piece together. I actually had not seen the quilt before this. I knew it was quilted and finished. So, of course I had to have my picture taken next to it. :)

This next quilt, I helped to make the New York Beauty part of it, since its done with paper piecing. So I had asked permission of the quilt's owner to snap a picture. :) Love the colors in it!!!

While I was sitting around working my booth, I was able to stitch. I went to go and take out Think Pink to work on... umm where is the pattern!!?! Don't tell me I left it at home.. yep, I did!! So I wasn't able to stitch on that. But then I thought, what the heck, I got all the stuff to attach the charms to Princess. So I did that instead. I got it finished and I love how it turned out! When I was finished with that, I worked on the binding for the wildlife panel I made. Got all that finished. So really, I was busy while I sat around.. he he.

Brian and I got the area all packed up, made our two trips to the store to drop stuff off. Before I left the store, I put a few things back. But man, I have a disaster zone when I return on Tuesday.. he he. Looks like they had customers from the quilt show stopping by to buy material. Sweet!!

So now, I'm in my sweats, and going to go and conquer that Think Pink, and hope to have a finish in a day or two.

Princess - Hinzeit FINISH

I started this design Thursday night, so I would have something to do while at the quilt show. Didnt take long to stitch up!

Princess - Hinzeit, stitched on 28ct evenweave Baby Pink from Sassy's with Emma's Pink (which my niece, Natalie selected the floss for the design). I attached the charms with invisible thread.


PIF #1 Received

I recieved word from Michele that she received her PIF that she signed up on my blog.

I had stitched Is It Coffee Yet?, in the past and wasnt sure how I was going to finish it. Well Michele signed up, and I knew exactly what to make for her.

You can read about all the rest of the stuff I sent her on her blog.


That's what I got today while at the Carrie Jacob-Bonds Composing Threaders Quilt Show, in Iron River. Gosh, now I'm motivated to work on that Tribeca quilt... maybe cause its almost over with (the quilt show) that I can focus on something else.. maybe!? Man the quilts on display.. I wanna make them all!! Loved the colors on some of them.. my new favorite colors.. LOL

I had a great day today. It was my first time vending at a quilt show (I have done others, like craft fairs and such.), and I really enjoyed it!

Brian and I went Friday night to set up, and thankfully we did. We had to make 2 extra trips back to the store, as we had so much. (The third trip more so was trying to find some fat 1/4's and 1/2 yards that were in an unopened box when we got back to the museum....grr!!). It took us, (yes, I can say "us" as Brian did help me with putting things out) 3 hrs to set up the little area.

This morning when I got there, I finished the last little things and got out the camera to take a few pictures. So this is the area that I had set up.. the colors in person do not match the pictures at all. But I love the colors!! So fallish!! Got lots of compliments.

It was good to hear.. "Oh your from Wardo's?!" "Your my closest quilt shop, and I live 30 miles away"
I had to laugh, one of the vendors had a quilting/embroidery machine, when she was showing it off, she said the price... wanna guess the price!?!? $500, higher, 1,000, higher, 2,500, higher, 5,000, higher!? GASP! $8,499!!!! Dang!! My truck isn't even worth half that price!?!

It was good to catch up with some quilters I haven't seen in awhile.

When I didn't have customers, I took the time to stitch. I got a finish.. finished up Princess by Hinzeit, and started on "Stitch Pink" by Lizzie*Kate. I have Pin and most of k finished. Hope to finish it tomorrow. :)


It arrived!!! WOOHOO!!!

I go to get the mail today, coming in looking thru the mail, there is a big manila envelope.. humm wonder who that's from. Return address says Velp Ave, Green Bay.

OMG it arrived!! What you asked!?!

My 2007 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue!!!!!

Kim: "WOOHOO its here.. I'm shaking, I cant even open it.!!"
Brian: " What is it?! Is that all we got?"
Kim: "Just the Winneconne News, and my magazine"
Brian: "Oh"
Kim: "See, I gotta find the letter opener thingy" Find it.. open it up.. "Yea!!"
Brian: "Whats all the excitement about?"
Kim: "Look my Christmas ornament issue arrived!!"
Brian: "Oh yeah, I remember, the Swimsuit issue of cross stitching"


I think he is a keeper... you think?!

Drive by posting...

that's what it feels like! Driving by to drop a post of .. "I'm still here!"

Been one busy girl! Hope to find more time to post a few things.. especially the SFE, and PIF that I'm waiting to hear about when they arrive to their destination.

Still getting ready for the quilt show that is this weekend in Iron River. I'm vending - so for the past week I have been packing up the shop, and taking it on the road this weekend to the quilt show. I'm about 80% ready, and go today to set up at the museum, where the quilt show is being held. I worked on my demo last night, but it sounds soooo choppy. But I'm going to leave it.. gives me a base to talk about. I'm "demo-ing" about the internet.. how the internet is a unlimited source of free tips. techniques and patterns.

Yesterday got all my information typed up about Quilt Pink for our shop on Sept 29th, come to find out its the weekend before! &$#@!! I'm going to hold the Quilt Pink on the 29th, so I have to go back and change all the signs with new ones I had to make again last night. ARGH!! Don't know where I got Sept 29th from, besides I cant be there anyways that weekend before, since I work at the nursing home.

Well - I suppose, get my butt in gear.. Got some things I gotta do here yet, and then its off to the quilt shop, pack and unpack.. blah.. LOL Have a great weekend!!


Kat O Plenty - CC Vickie's RR FINISHED

Saturday night I finished up on a model that I had received 16 days earlier. It was a solid stitch of 97 X 97, and it stitched up rather quickly. Even the backstitching went fast. Its now back on its way to the designer. I will post a picture once its published.

Late very early Sunday morning Saturday night, I began on Vickie's Round Robin. She selected the Kats by Kelly - the 12 month series from Calico Crossroads. I selected "Kat O Plenty" - November to stitch (reason - my birthday month). I did start the first 15 minutes of the RR, ripping it out. ARGH! I should have followed the directions better. But it turned out cute! Its stitched on 18ct white aida with DMC & Crescent Colours (Fall Leaves) for the border. Its now off to Indiana, for the next stitcher. Took less than 5 hrs to stitch it.


Breast Cancer Fob Contest

Another contest is being held on Stitch Pink - this time for a pink and white beaded scissors fob, with a pink breast cancer charm. Too cute! If you would like a chance to win, please visit the Stitch Pink blog.

SBQ - Sept 6th

Today's SBQ is:

Would you ever stitch one of your BAPs a second time? (This does not include starting over because of mistakes, bad fabric, etc., rather stitching something from the first stitch for a second time.)

Yes, I would stitch Game Board Sampler over, and I have been offered several time to do so. But no one has come back to say that they would love for me to stitch it for them.
I have restitched a BAP twice in the past. It was a model for Moonflower Designs - it was a daffodil, stitched it in orange and brown.

A comment was left asking what a "BAP" is... it stands for Big A$$ Project.

Someone had fun

Something must have been really good to end up with a face like this. Here is Kaylee Maizer, as her sister calls her.

Check out this picture of my nephew, Conway.. looks like he had fun at our cottage over the weekend... LOL He is all boy -Play hard, sleep hard!!

While we stayed home to clean the house over the Labor Day weekend, the rest of my family went to our cottage. My brother's gf took the pictures and my sister emailed them on to me to see.
Found out from my sister - Kaylee's face shows the aftermath of S'mores. :)

Tagged - Middle Name

Carolyn posted to my comments that she tagged me. Here goes...

The rules:
1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.
2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.
3. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
4. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My middle name is Marie.

M - Melissa was going to be my first name, but my parents decided it would be too many M's, M.M.M.
A - I love being an Aunt to my nieces, Natalie, Katie, Kaylee, and nephew Conway!
R - Runaway Bride was my first movie that I went alone to see at the theater, and actually saw it again the following day with my parents.
I - Interested in going back to school - I wanna give myself a challenge. Most likely to do with computers.
E - Emails are the first thing I check when I get on the computer daily.

I tag the following bloggers - M - Michele, A - Aussie Stitcher, R - Rachel, I - Irene, E - Elaine


My FAVORITE Summer Salad!

Tonight I decided to make burgers on the grill, and I was pondering what to make, besides. Checked the fridge, found the tomato, the green pepper, the cucumber. And prayed I still had an onion. Yep, I did.
I LOVE this salad. And its sooo simple to make. If you can measure and cut, you got yourself a salad!!

My Mom taught me how to make it. We just call it the Green Pepper, Onion, Cucumber, Tomato salad (in no practical order.. LOL)

What you need is a -
Medium cucumber
Medium Green Pepper
Medium Onion
Medium Tomato

Cut those all up, over the top pour equal amounts of Oil, Vinegar, and sugar. Stir up, and serve!

Mmm that was good!


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