Excuse me...

cover your ears...SCREAM!!

Thank you!

I finished up my BAP model tonight for X's and Oh's! I attached a picture of the size, but you are going to have to wait to see it on the published chart! Its taken me many of many hours on this baby! Its now finished!! Going to celebrate by starting Brave Hearts... woohooo!!

See, there is proof behind that white.... Yahoo!

Updated: 06/05/08You can see the proof.. model has been released.. Check it out!


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

YEA! Thanks for the warning, that was a really loud scream! And I had a chuckle about the designer X's & Oh's - Joanne lives just a tiny drive from my parents and I have been warning her that I may have to go there in person and shop. Can't wait to see the actual stitched piece.

Shari said...

congrats Kim!!!!!

Lelia said...

congrats on your finish -- your secret is safe with all of us, just reaveal it, ok??? LOL

And, brave hearts is really nice. You got a good start so far & I look forward to more progress pics


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