We have a local radio station that hosts a call in show, and they have trivia contests.

Well the prize for the question was a $160 package to the Mall of America.

The question was.. "On the Sun-Maid Raisin box, what year did the model, Lorraine Petersen pose for the painting that is showcased on the box?"

I immediately Googled for the answer, found the Sun-Maid website with all the info, and I did a quick read, and dialed the phone.

My first (correct) response was ... "1915." "Nope." Was told to keep trying. (1915 was the year she was discovered and asked to do the painting, which was done)

Called back - said "1916." "Not right, but close." (In 1916, the original version of the Sun-Maid trademark was put on the product.)

So I gave up. I waited to hear the question again. Someone else beat me to the incorrect answer. GRRR She said "1914, and figured since she (I) was wrong twice, that she would go down in years" and won the $160 package to the Mall of America.

That ruined my day!!

I have since researched the answer, and no where I have found 1914 to be the correct year.

So, some useless trivia I know the answer too.


Irene said...

So if 1915 is the year she was discovered and asked to do the painting, how is 1914 correct ???

delia said...

you got giped...In May 1915, Lorraine was discovered in Fresno, Cal. She then posed for a painting holding a basket tray of grapes. This image was first applied to packages of Sun-Maid raisins in 1916.
I'm on the box now, it was released in 1970 but painted in 1961 in San Francisco.

ME...the last SunMaid Raisin Girl


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