They arrived!

I came home tonight, and seen the mail. I seen an envelope addressed to me.. and Im thinking probably a late bday card.

To my surprise - it was my 50 petite needles!! Im so happpppy!! I took the picture, its so darn cute, and so tiny!

Thanks Missy for getting these for us!!

Best $9 Ive spent on stash in a long time.. he he Now I can thread up big time!!


Vickie said...

so glad you got your needles..now you just need to put them to work!

Rachel said...

I love the new blog layout...very cute and festive!!!

Brenda Lou said...

Petite needles rule!! LOL

Tonya said...

Love the new look of the blog!!!

$9 for 50 needles is awesome bargain!!!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...


Where did you get the needles? Love your new blog

Teresa / IL


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