How I spent my Thanksgiving ...

Wow, have to say first of all. I still cant believe we just ate a whole bunch of turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, scalloped corn, veggies, homemade apple pie. I still cant believe that Thanksgiving was celebrated today! Where are these days going... and they are going fast!!

Thanksgiving is such a deeply American holiday. It's a celebration of diversity. There are as many different "traditional Thanksgiving meals" as there are Americans.. and of hospitality. It's a day for welcoming strangers and extending kindness. Its about opening your doors and opening your hearts (and opening your mouth to wedge in that last bite of pie!).

Whatever made up your holiday meal, I hope it provided nourishment for your soul. For those who have loved ones far away, I send my hopes that you are reunited soon. For those who will be traveling home after this holiday, I wish you safe journeys. For those who cooked, I hope you had enthusiastic clean-up crews. To those who were on cleanup , I hope you had the ability to fit all the leftovers into the fridge. To Black Friday shoppers, I wish you quick reflexes and triumphant checkouts. I for one, will be spending it in bed! And for those deer hunters, I hope you found a nice rack to fill your walls, as I don't want my deer slayer on my Explorer to meet its match.

I was up alittle before 8am - I wanted to watch the Macy's Day Parade (I hope to attend it in 5 yrs - as my sister and I talked about going today - "when the girls are alittle older". I say - when Nat is 10!..LOL). I played alittle on the computer, chatted with a couple friends, and then it came on at 9am. I watched it on and off, as I was working on a quilt project.

I bet you cross stitchers that come to get inspiration, are moving on..LOL All I talk about now is quilting, quilting, quilting.... blah blah blah. Well, yep. I have started another quilt project, but get this.. its TWO quilt projects. The plan is to have them done by Dec 21st. Yesterday I ironed and cut all the strips. I worked on one quilt at a time, since its the same color fabrics for both. I didn't want to get them mixed up. Its the pattern from Atkinson Designs called Yellow Brick Road. I have used this pattern several quilts.. but this is the FIRST time I have actually followed the pattern..LOL For some reason I was always getting lost in the directions, and the sorta came out the way it should. So I'm happy to say I have it correct, this time.

We went over next door for our Thanksgiving dinner. My BIL, SIL, and their children, my MIL, Brian, and I enjoyed a nice dinner. I just brought a veggie plate, and the dressings for the lettuce salad. We had two turkeys. LOTS of food to fill the bellies, and a nice conversation around.

I was starting to fall asleep on the inlaws couch.. and I knew it was time to come home. So we came home, and I immediately got in my sweats, and I hit the sewing machine hard. I finished up on the 120 blocks (60 blocks per quilt) just alittle while ago. Now on the agenda is something I haven't done for a loooonnnnggg time. I'm going to get out Cabin in the Woods and put in a few stitches, as that is what I was thinking about as I was sewing away - and that was my reward for finishing up the blocks tonight.

Plan for tomorrow is to get the quilt blocks made into 2 Twin size quilt tops. Then.. I will work some on Cabin in the Woods. I think I can handle that.

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