Timber Creek Charm Quilt

Well, its finished. The quilt top, made with the charm packs of fabrics from the Timber Creek (Moda), is finished!

I finished it up this afternoon. I actually had to frog off a row, as it was too long. Would have been longer if I had added the borders, so off it went. Its all flannels, so its going to be nice and warm. I had to use additional cuts from the solid flannels I had on hand here. So that's why you see just solid blocks.

How I made the quilt is, I took the 5" squares, and I sewed them into a 9 patch. Then I cut the big square in half, both ways. Then sewed them back together, in an arranged pattern.

The border was Brian's selection. The more I was thinking on it - we have orange carpet..LOL No wonder he picked the orange for the border, to coordinate the carpet. I will be picking up the batting and backing material soon. Then I will be either tying, or machine quilting. I'm not sure yet.

I have a few more quilt projects I need work on. And I'm waiting on another arrival of charm packs. Cant wait to play with them, and see what I can come up with.. he he.


Irene said...

Gorgeous quilt !

shutterbug said...

LOVE the quilt Kim! I was sitting here trying to figure it out in my head and I actually think I get how you did it. :o) Where do the charm packs come from and how many are in a pack? How many packs do you need for something like this? Just curious. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Shari said...

beautiful quilt Kim! I love it!!! You sure finished it quick!!!

Karol said...

Great Quilt!!

becca said...

oh my..that is soooo freakin pretty.I love the colors. How long did it take you to sew it up? I tried quilting once..It's not for me. LOL

Milly~ said...

It's beautiful Kim.


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