Two finishies, and a weekend update

I'm participating in a Round Robin with a few SIQ members. For this month, I had Vickie's Mother's Wisdom RR visiting.

I selected to stitch "Dress Warm" & "Say Your Prayers".

They both were fast stitching. And I totally enjoyed stitching on them.

Here is a picture of what it looks like so far. It will be put in the mail on Wednesday and in transit to its next destination.

What else did I do this weekend ....

Well this weekend, I was ACTUALLY off for the whole weekend with nothing on the agenda. So, yesterday I finished up on the binding on the Bistro quilt, and I have to say ... DANG! It looks so awesome, and I can't wait to hear the reaction of the person receiving it. I have received word that they loved it so far.. now I cant wait to see it posted on their blog. (Cause I want to a pic once its on display in its new home... hint hint!!)

Last night, about 5:30ish - Brian and I were invited over to my inlaws. Just to fill you in - Brian's dad is 80, and is suffering from dementia ... BAD. I work in an Alzheimer's wing where I work, and there is no one there that is as bad as he is. Well, they live in a 3 bedroom home, and my FIL doesn't like to be at his home alone while he and my MIL sleep. So he likes to have us sleeping in the other room. So on an occasion - we get a phone call asking us to spend the night. Well last night, Brian had gone over earlier than I had. So I packed up some stitching and some movies. I get over there.. got my stitching out, and stitched away. We were sitting there, and Brian's dad goes.. "So where's your woman?"

I looked at his Dad, and then I looked at Brian.. and I just rolled my eyes. I said - "Im right here.. remember me, you are always calling me cutey!? And his dad goes, "Oh, I thought you were someone else". We are thinking that he thought Brian was another brother.

So, we are sitting there, all this time FIL was complaining, as he was complaining about the furnace running. It got to the point where my MIL had to go down stairs and close the vents to the registers. And it got on our nerves.

At 6:15pm - Brian's dad announces - he is going to bed. Brian and I both looked at each other, and our faces read, "We are going home!"

The plan was to spend the night. We weren't going to be doing that. There is no way that Brian and I were going to bed that early. As his parents are laying in bed, Brian could hear them talking. And three times, Brian's dad asked his mom... "They are not sleeping in the same bed are they?" The look on Brian's face was PRICELESS!! Brian's mom goes "They are married, they can do that sorta thing."

At about 6:45, both Brian and I were home (we live about 50 steps from his parents house), Brian called his mom to announce that we were home. And told her why we couldn't spend the night. God Bless that lady's heart, as she has been with his for 62 years on the 30th.

So then, last night, I finished up on "Say Your Prayers". This morning I slept in alittle, made lunch, and started playing around on the computer. I hope you noticed that I couldn't take it any longer. And I have to say - it wasn't that bad! Yep, I converted my blog from Template to Layout. I think I have it the way I like.. but I'm still playing with it.

Well I suppose its time to relax for the evening, and watch a couple movies - I have Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2 to watch... and I think I'm going to just veg and enjoy the evening.


Karol said...

Love the new look!! Your RR stitching is very cute.

staci said...

Very cute stitching. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

becca said...

I also work on an Alzheimer's wing. It's so sad to see people suffering from this.

Great stitching on the RR.

Michele said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kim! Love the new look on your blog :)

I'm sorry about your visit with your in-laws .. even if your story made me sad and giggle at the same time .. tough getting old! and omgosh 62 years! that rocks!

I can't wait for the mail!!!

Rachel said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I also wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Froggie said...

I enjoyed reading your story! It cracked me up! We've dealt with Alzheimer's Disease with 3 family members. It can really be overwhelming. I can totally relate.

I love the stitching! What a great round robin! I tagged you...come and see.


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