Winnie The Pooh Tree Skirt

As I was looking for the picture below on my computer, I found another one I wanted to share.

Last month, I was asked by a friend to help them make a tree skirt for their Christmas tree - a Winnie The Pooh premade printed tree skirt was purchased, and my job was to put it together.

The tree skirt was HUGE, and just at one half of the skirt too. But it was a little challenge to make, but I enjoyed it. I didn't use any batting as with the weight of the top and bottom fabrics was heavy enough. So I just put a detailed stitch around the ends, and I used 30 snowflake buttons to "quilt" the tree skirt. Where there was a printed snowflake, I put a button. Turned out really cute!

Pictured is only half of the quilted tree skirt. And I hope it enjoys its new home, and enjoys Christmas to come.


Vickie said...

It has enjoyed it's new home and is currently residing under the Disney tree for which it was made. It looks just fabulous!!!!

Michele said...

Kim! That tree skirt is too darn cute! Nice work :)


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