Snapfish Addict

My sister and I share our account.. and we did up a photo book for our dad, with pictures from his benefit. OH WOW, the photo book turned out wonderful! It was so good, that our Dad requested we get another photo book. My sister is getting another photo book for a Christmas present. The quality is so good! We have received several of our printed photo's from Snapfish. We find that they are better than WalMart and the Kodak picture maker. (And cheaper) So have a look around Snapfish, you wont be disappointed! I'm off to place another order!

You can check out Snapfish by using their 20 FREE print offer. Well worth it!


 20 free prints
Visit Snapfish today!

If the invite doesnt work - email me at upnorthxstitching@gmail.com and I will get your the invite.

And - today (Nov 18th) they are offering FREE shipping - 20 free prints + free shipping = FREE PICTURES!!

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