Productive Day

This afternoon I was cleaning away - and I looked up, and thought - I gotta redo that!

I took everything off the fridge, got rid of the old pictures cluttering the fridge.. and I put up new ones!

I love the look! See I hate the color of the fridge - came with the DH when I moved in - and plans are in the works to get a new one. So till the time we come up with the $$, I thought I would redecorate the fridge... so here it is. As you can see, I LOVE pictures!!

Then this evening, I wanted to do a little project, but I didn't know what to do, so I was straightening up the sewing area,and I found this kit I had purchased a month ago at a quilt store in Rhinelander - Karen's Quilt Corner. Its one of those pincushion/thread catchers. I just had to supply the bead pellets.

The instructions were alittle out there, but Brian and I figured it out.. LOL

I love the results!! I'm going to use this next to the sewing machine.


WendyCarole said...

Your fridge looks great. I love the fabric for the pin cushion/thread catcher. Looks a very useful item

Danielle said...

I love the pincushion/thread catcher. I could really use one of those. Hmm...I need to start looking around.

Michele said...

omgosh that threadcatch is great! love the fabric :)

enjoy your frig pictures :)


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