2008 Finishes

I wanted to wait till today to do a wrap up of what all was finished during the 2008 year.

Cross stitching -

1. Winter Love by SamSarah Design Studio
2. Ask Me About My Grandkids by Lizzie Kate
3. The Homestead by Bent Creek
4. Brett Favre Jersey by Jennifer
5. Double Flips - Dream by Lizzie Kate
6. Double Flips - Love by Lizzie Kate
7. Double Flips - Remember by Lizzie Kate
8. Double Flips - Give by Lizzie Kate
9. Nutcracker Stocking - Model for X's & Oh's
10. Quaker Heart by The Workbasket
11. Brave Hearts by Little House Needleworks
12. Fireman 1 of 3 by Hinzeit
13. Cow by Bent Creek
14. Main Street by Bent Creek
15. Town Hall by Bent Creek
16. Barnyard by Bent Creek
17. The Stockyard by Bent Creek
18. Snapperville by Bent Creek
19. Christmas Heart by La D Da
20. Paper Whites by Little House Needleworks
21. 2 Teach by Lizzie Kate
22. Double Flips - Listen by Lizzie Kate
23. Double Flips - Learn by Lizzie Kate
24. Wedding Spots by The Trilogy
25. Believe - MODEL for Glory Bee
26. Double Flips - Believe by Lizzie Kate
27. Double Flips - Care by Lizzie Kate
28. Double Flips - Create by Lizzie Kate
29. Double Flips - Laugh by Lizzie Kate
30. Double Flips - Live by Lizzie Kate
31. Double Flips - Completed by Lizzie Kate
32. Viv's SFE - Celtic by Ink Circles
33. Quaker Alphabet - MODEL for Glory Bee
34. Betsy - MODEL for Glory Bee
35. Vickie's SFE - Little Cups of Friendship by Lizzie Kate
36. Mare's SFE- The Heart Stitcher
37. Debra's SFE - Flip Flops by SamSarah Designs
38. Always & Forever by Little House Needleworks.
39. Housework Never Killed Anyone by Lizzie Kate
40. 50th Wedding sampler
41. These I Hold Dear Round Robin by Little House Needleworks
42. Fiber Fun - Snowman by Mosey & Me
43. Daisy - Jayne's Cottage Garden Round Robin by Country Cottage Needleworks
44. Autumn Harvest by Little House Needleworks
45. Dress Warm - Vickie's RR by Heart In Hand
46. Say Your Prayers - Vickie's RR by Heart In Hand
47. Gingerbread Ornament by Little House Needleworks
48. Teresa's RR - Cardinals by The Prairie Schooler
49. CJ's RR - Robin by The Prairie Schooler

Quilting ~
1. Stars And Stripes...Forever Pattern by ~ ME!
2. Milly's Cow Quilt Pattern by ~ ME!
3. Shade Cascade Pattern by ~ Karen Combs from Blank Quilting
4. Cottage Blossoms Pattern from Andover Fabrics
5. Garden Inspirations Table Runner Pattern by ~ ME! Sold at my Dad's benefit for $31
6. Cranberry Wishes - Table Runner Pattern by ~ ME! Sold at my Dad's benefit for $14
7. Stars And Stripes...Forever Pattern by ~ ME! Sold at my Dad's benefit for $25
8. Patty's Quilt - WIP Pattern by ~ Yellow Brick Road
9. Calais II Pattern from Blank Quilting
10. Marrakesh Pattern from Blank Quilting
11. Winnie The Pooh Tree Skirt - assembled by me
12. Michele's Bistro Table Runner -pattern by me
13. Kaylee's Quilt -pattern - Yellow Brick Road
14. Garden Inspiration Table Quilt -pattern by me
15. Natalie's Quilt -pattern - Yellow Brick Road

WOW, Im impressed. With what has all been going on this past year, Im amazed that I have so much completed! Wonder how much will be complete in the new year!

Thanks for all that leave comments, and the special emails I have received over the past year. You are the ones that make this blogging experience enjoyable!


Pam said...

Wow!! Look at all those finishes! You have been very busy in 2008! I hope that you can accomplish even more in 2009. Happy New Year!

Candice said...

That's pretty amazing! I could never do so much in a year. I spend a lot of time reading and doing puzzles and origami in addition to stitching! Wow.

My blog is at yankeedaddy.blogspot.com


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