Wanted to post..

Ive had the past three days off, and I have to say I have been somewhat productive.

Whether I was home or next door, stoking the fire at the inlaws.. cleaning their house.. cooking.. doing dishes.. visiting.. etc. I have been staying indoors (well except for today when I did some errands up in Iron River, MI. and the multiple trips next door).

When I came home on Tuesday night the temps were in the -20s (and below). So I just thought its going to be cold, so I'm going to get busy!!

And from what I have to show, I think I was somewhat busy.

On Tuesday night I couldn't get into my stitching, and as you can tell from orange highlighted area. But on Wednesday I had a smoking needle! So you can see by the blue highlighted area, I was making stitches right and left! So much as my right elbow (but really it must have been the muscle), was achy on Thursday. The purple represents Thursday's stitching.
So, if my arm is bothering me.. what shall I do. I thought...quilt, silly! So, I got busy, and produced this quilt top before I head to bed early this morning!

This quilt is called "Spools" - I know the picture doesn't do it justice! The 'spools' have striped fabric, while the 'filler' is a plaid fabric. Ive had this fabric and quilt book - Scraps Again (Calico Printworks) for about 2 years now. And last week Tuesday, I finally sat down and finished up on the tops of the spools. And it came together quite quickly!

As I said, today was our errand day, made a stops at St. Vinny's (looking for a humidifier for our house - Brian keeps shocking me when he kisses me *its going to his head - he thinks he has sparks behind his kisses..LOL*), stopped at Wardo's, Family Dollar, Corner Drug Store, to fill a prescription, then to Angeli's to do our grocery shopping. Back to Corner Drug Store to pick up the pills, and then to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch... love those Twisters!!

We came home, and stopped by the inlaws to drop off all the listed items, and put away the perishables. Then it was to our house.. to put away all of our stuff. But I found out that it was alittle to cold for the bananas. Our bananas froze and turned black..LOL And I was craving a banana too..LOL

After I was settled, I had to go over to inlaw's house to use their kitchen table to pin together the Spools quilt so I can quilt it. I had to pin the sucker twice, as I wasn't careful to check the backing material as I went, cause I had a couple big creases I couldn't leave in.

So, I have a pot of chili on the stove, and getting ready to go and quilt the Spools quilt.


Shari said...

you have been very productive Kim! The quilt looks great! So does the HAED. They are sure time consuming, aren't they!??!! Love them thou!!! I just updated my blog with mine. I hope to stitch a bunch on the model this weekend, because it is too cold to do anything else!

Karol said...

You have been very productive! Love the quilt top.

Julie said...

Wow- you've been busy! I love your quilt. The fabric s perfect!

Vickie said...

I LOVE the quilt!!! Your Haed is coming along...It looks fabulous!!!!

Pam said...

I love that quilt top! Please show us the quilt when it's all finished. You did a beautiful jobn on it@

Vicky L said...

The quilt is very beautiful! You have been very busy!
You have been given a blog award and on my blog.

kimstitch3 said...

YOu are sooo clever. Love your quilt. Beautiful work there. I never was taught how to quilt, perhaps one day, I will learn. Take care,Kimberly

Debra said...

Nice stitching progress and your quilt looks great. Try to stay warm.
Debra in Indiana

The Chicken Lady said...

Hey Kim! I haven't been here in forever, but I'm trying to catch up on all your craftyness. Cute quilts and stitcheries!! This winter weather is great for getting sewing done since it's so dang cold. I'm pretty sure you guys are getting colder than us here on the lake. Stay warm and snuggly!! :)

Erin said...

I Love the spools quilt - its the first thing I thought of when i saw the picture before even reading the post! Did you use a pattern?

Michele said...

love Spools quilt top! soo cute :)

and wow you have been very productive!!!


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