Did I even mention...

that I have been asked to be a driver.. and the destination is Branson, MO!

It all started the Friday before Christmas to be exact. I was at work, and the phone rang, and I was told I had a phone call. I just figured it was Brian, calling to ask me something since he was caring for his Mom. Nope it was my Dad.

I always go into panic mode when either my sister or my Dad calls. Living 130 miles from home, and never knowing what is going on.. or has happened down state with my clan, sets me in panic mode.

My dad asked me - how far in advance do I know my work schedule, and I said, well it depends. And he started to tell me about this offer to go to Branson, MO, but since Mom didn't want to drive that far, he asked if I could drive. I love spending time with my parents, and Brian and I need to get out of the Northwoods for a weekend...LOL

Heck yeah! I will drive! This past Thursday, I was granted my vacation - and I also found out that a coworker was taking the same time off..(but longer vacation) and I wasn't guaranteed to get the time off. So now I am!!

April 17th - 19th we will be in Branson, MO.! I know we only will be there the weekend, but hopefully we can cram alot of fun activities in during the short stay.

The countdown begins!


Melody said...

Kim, There is a nice cross stitch shop in Branson. I always stop there when we have visited Branson. It is called Ceclia's Samplers. It is on the main road. They also have a website.

Have fun.

Jana Daugherty said...

Kim, I want to say thank you for choosing to visit Branson, MO. If we can be of assistance in anyway please let us know. Feel free to visit our websites - www.Branson.com for everything you need on Branson and www.BransonTourismCenter.com for everything you need to know on shows, attractions and lodging. Have a great time in Branson!

Peg said...

Kim I don't live far from Branson now that I have moved from WI. If there is any brochures or pricings that you would like for me to pick up for you let me know. It's so fun there and Cecelia's is a MUST stop for a stitcher.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lucky you are! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

There are some great Branson shows to see while in town!

Anonymous said...

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