It's PINK!!

It's Pink, its Pink, it's PINK!

Yea!!! Its on, its on, its ON, and its PINK!!


Xrays were taken, staples removed (all 19 of them), and the nice BRIGHT pink cast was applied! Mother inlaw is now a proud pink supporter!

Check out the xrays! WOW! Amazing how its held together!!

Going back Feb 5th for removal. Asked the Dr, if she still needs 24/7 care, and he really didn't give us an answer... but we are going to try it at home tonight, and see how it goes. Last night was night 19, for not sleeping in our own bed.

Its on, and it's PINK!!

And to top it off, on the way home, my sister called to inform me that our Grandpa was transported to the hospital. Was nonresponsive, so will have to see what goes on there.

Now the ball is back in my court for family issues.. geez!


Shari said...

so Kim, who has the pink cast!?!?! I looked back (scanned rather quickly) and didn't see anything!!

~Kim~ said...

My MIL fell and broke her ankle, you need to read the post on 12/16, you can read all about what happen.


Pam said...

I'm glad that your MIL finally got her cast on. Good luck going home to sleep in your own bed tonight. I hope you get the rest you deserve! I also hope your grandfather is alright. I lost mine in October and it was so sad.

Irene said...

Great news ! At least if you sleep at home tonight and she calls, you only have to walk over. Hope your grandfather is okay.

Debra said...

Pretty in pink. Hope your grandpa is okay.
Debra in Indiana


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