Wedding Pictures

Here are some pictures from my younger brother's and new sister inlaw's wedding. I had the honor to be apart of the wedding as a bridesmaid. From my brother's side of the family, my younger older brother was best man, my sister was bridesmaid, and her daughter was the flower girl. And my nephew (who is their son together) was the ring bearer. The bride's daughter was also a Junior bride.

The ring bearer and flower girl had matching attire to the wedding couple, they were both cute!
Here is the wedding party - as you can see its always hard to get a good picture when there are so many involved.
I love this picture here - its a picture of all the siblings - well minus one brother of the brides that left before we took the picture. As you can see, the bride has a little brother that is 4, and a sister that is 2. Too cute!

This picture was the favorite of all the pictures taken. While we were getting pictures taken in the church - we only had a few more to go. Someone all of a sudden yelled, "Someone call 911, someone is hurt." The ring bearer (the couple's son) had run head first into the bubbler (for those that don't know - water fountain or drinking fountain). He bounced off the bubbler, hitting the back of his head on the floor hard. Someone that heard and went to go see what happen found him walking towards him, and he just went limp and was unconscious for about 10 seconds. Well, the bride is a First Responder, and she was the first on the scene, which was just outside the sanctuary. She held her son's head straight while 2 other first responders went to their trucks to grab their bags. The ambulance arrived and he was strapped to the board and taken to the hospital for a CAT scan, and then a MRI since they found something on the CAT scan. Jenny rode in the ambulance to the hospital, while my brother drove himself in their truck. They weren't able to go bar hopping, and arrived at the reception 4 hrs later.

EDITED TO ADD - Conway was fine afterwards - nothing came of the head injury. When my brother and SIL arrived to the reception, Conway was running around like nothing happen.


Irene said...

I do hope the son was okay. Lovely pictures.

KaLu said...

congrats to the happy couple! thanks for sharing your pics with us ... i havent been to a wedding since i was like 5


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