Alittle after 4, the big brown truck pulled into the drive way.

Got the DSL wireless router, got it all set up, its already to go. It was talking to the two laptops, asking for the passwords. But we have a problem.

Guess what! No DSL. In the instructions it says to wait till after 5pm on the date on the box, that I did. And still no DSL. Called tech help, and we determined that we have no DSL.


Seems like the lady that got me set up with DSL didnt know what she was talking about. We need to have a phone tech come to our house and play in the phone box outside, and maybe at the junction box that I like to beat up when I mow around it

The tech better get here tomorrow - I'm so sick of our current internet provider! But its a good thing I didn't cancel before I got it hooked up, or I wouldn't be here.

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Maren said...

OH no! LOL, yeah I beat up my box when I do the mowing, too. Which is why the hubby doesn't let me do it often. Doesn't it add an extra sting to the injury when you think your current headache might even be your own fault. I'd much rather blame someone else. Lol


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