Another recent change I made after the wedding was a hair cut! I had been growing my hair out for the wedding, and every time I had gotten it cut before, I was told - " just a trim. You need the length for the wedding." Well, Monday after the wedding it all came off!

Before - (of course its not styled, just had the crap combed out of it.. LOL)

After -

Kaylee, my niece, said she didnt like it - cause all she has known me to have was long hair.. LOL

I love the new cut, cause it shows the highlights really well now. And its so fun to get out of the shower, dry and go style.


Irene said...

I like the shorter cut, and you do look happier with it.

Anonymous said...

I like it very much.

WendyCarole said...

The shorter cut suits you

Kathy said...

I like the short cut too. It suits you.
Got your card yesterday. Thank you.

KaLu said...

i like it!!! i got a trim last week and i said to the man pleaseeeee dont cut much this is the longest ive had it in my life! he of course laughed at me since its only to my shoulders

anyways you look great!

Milly~ said...

I love the new short do. I cut mine too right before Mother's Dayl


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