Dont look at the time of this post..

Cause I should be sleeping.

This morning I had a icon on the computer saying that I needed to install the Windows update - no big deal. Well it didn't make our day go any better.

Well that update put us in Fair Act Policy (FAP) - which thru our internet provider (HughesNet), puts us at below dial up speeds for the next 24 hrs. I couldnt load webpages without it saying it was done, and it barely even loaded the page. And I needed to harvest on Farm Town, darn it!

That's the only thing I could think of that when the update had to download Internet Explorer 8 onto my laptop (which I swear I already had) put me into mega bandwidth speed. We do get unlimited upload bandwidth from 2am -5am, so that's why I'm here.

I'm hoping the brown truck pulls into the driveway tomorrow - cause we are switching to DSL! We have gotten so sick of the internet provider, and the weather causing the internet not to load properly, and getting these FAPs!

So, the day was spent cleaning, dishes, sprucing up the plants, painting my nails, and stitching on a model, so its been productive. I guess I did have one success with the update - Im able to see the Google feeds in the correct feed location! WOOHOO!

Off to check my farm, and then off to bed.

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