Think living "up north" would be cooler,

I think otherwise.

People are always asking, "is it cooler living "up north"?" See "up north" is any area north of Hwy 29 in Wisconsin. And I have heard that 'God's Country' is any area north of Hwy 8. Well where we live, we classify for both.

But I think its about the same temps... as the picture can justify the temperature we are having today. Was to get about 89 here today. I think otherwise, there's my proof!

Edited to add -
I guess I should have waited to post the temperature - little hot out there!!


Rachel said...

Yeah we're in God's Country and it was hot as H*ll today..ick!!! My car temp said 99 and that was in the shade!!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wow, it's 101 here today with no chance of a change for the next 7 days but we usually expect it here. My AC has been running constantly for three days. Hope your heat wave lets up soon. CJ ok;-)

Debra said...

Yes, it has been warm and lots of sunrays. I am 2 shades darker in one day. LOL!

Debbie said...

Thats HOT! I'm near Chicago and its in the 90's!


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