Ahh -

I think I'm back.

I needed this break. Life has been giving me bumps lately - and it really has shown me to take life at its best. I cant always control what is going to happen in my day - but to tackle it like it could be my last.

I have been dealing with alot of emotions lately - I wouldn't call it depression. I just needed a mental break. I have been dealing with work issues, and while it may have been getting better, they are still there. And with Father's Day coming up on Sunday - I have been thinking of my Dad alot lately - well I really have thought of him everyday since he left us. And I have to say I miss him so much!

I have had some family issues, both sad and happy. The sad part I'm not going to go into - but the happy part was watching my brother and his wife get married on the 6th.. and then enjoying a few days with the family after. I had to make 2 trips home before the wedding - one for a dress fitting, and another emergency trip home for a phone call I never wish to receive again.

I have been off since the 5th, and don't go back till this Saturday - so I have had a few days to myself (well with Brian here with me), and I have gone fishing, back road driving, attempted to camp, till Mother Nature thought otherwise, and left us wet. So I'm enjoying this 2 weeks of vacation.

Was suppose to go and attend a retreat in Tennessee - but a letter from the county invited me to attend jury duty.. so that put a damper into traveling. And with going out of state, Mom and I didn't think it was a good idea at the time (with everything going on).

I have a model here that is keeping me company, and the computer where I have become addicted to a game on Facebook. Last week when I was home, I went fabric shopping and purchased some fabric to make a few things with.

Its really starting to turn into summer here, and I look forward to sitting outside more and enjoying the sunshine.

I hope to get online later again, after I have a good cry and post some pictures of what has been going on here while I was quiet.

Thanks to all that have left a comment or emailed me - its so comforting to know that there are people out there that you have never met that care about you.. and to that I'm fortunate! THANK YOU!


Kathy said...

Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time lately. I can totally relate and empathize with the sadness about your Father. it was the same for me at Mother's Day and somewhat on my birthday. I too miss my Mom more than words can express.

Just take time to do things you like and relax. They say it gets easier with time.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Cry all you want, ramble on all you need too, we are here for you. Relax if you can and get outside and enjoy the sun if it's there. Take care, CJ ok;-)

Carol's Stitching said...


I know I've been having the same emotional rollercoaster over the loss of my Mom. It is hard and all I can say is you are smart to let the grief out and to take care of things the best you can. We have missed you with the stitching and wonderful updates and I'm hoping that the other things in life that has been stressing you out will straighten out soon. Take care of yourself and your family and always remember the important things in life! :)


KaLu said...

awww im so happy to see you back! Sorry to hear you've been down i guess sometimes life just throws everything at once so when its over you feel better and stronger idk i know i make no sense but i just hope everything goes well and you feel better you know?

anyways lots of hugs

Rachel said...

I'm glad you're back...I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog!!!

I love your haircut..looks great!!


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