Dang Roads

Well I should have listened to Brian, but the roads werent that bad when I left home, but as I got further from home... I really should had stayed home.

Well in the split second, my back end on the Explorer started to move, and I thought "Oh sh!t"

I ended up in the ditch... I did manage to drive some in the ditch, and I was making it great out of the ditch, till I hit the snow that had piled up from the snow plowing.

I had managed to bury the axles. I was stuck, couldnt go forward or in reverse. Got on the cell phone - barely had reception. Managed to call Brian, who got ahold of his brother Jimmy to come and pull me out.

In the mean time.. I watched the other traffic fly by me, some continued on, and some stopped. I dont think some of them realized how icy it was till they went to brake to see if I needed help. Brian and Jimmy arrived, and in the meantime, the county plow truck was coming thru, so the driver put down lots of salt for traction. Jimmy and Brian got the truck out of the ditch very quick. I think that they got me out faster than it took me to go into the ditch and get stuck.. LOL

Coming home, the 4wheel drive was stuck in low range, cause we are guessing that the snow was affecting the controls. So we had to drive 20 mph home all the way, cause of being in low range. It took about 45 minutes to drive 14 miles.

Since I was on the way to work, I called and said I wasnt coming cause there was something wrong with my 4wheel drive, and besides going in the ditch (which was very upsetting). Today is the resident Christmas party ~ but my supervisor said that I should just take it easy, and not worry about coming in.

So, next time, Im listening to Brian!

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