Home for Christmas

We left our home about 11am on Saturday & got down to Winchester about 2:30p, we picked up Mom, & the three of us went over to see Kaylee. She is just adorable! Lots of dark hair, & long fingers! We had a nice visit with Amy, Natalie, Julie - Amy's MIL, & of course Kaylee. Brian, my Mom & I met up with my Dad, Glen, Lisa, & Katie. Katie was just adorable in her dress. We had a nice dinner at a supper club in Butte des Mort, we went back to Glen and Lisa's house, & helped Mom wrap presents, & helped Lisa frost cookies. We watched "Elf", & the "Polar Express". Brian & I went back to my parent's house about 12:45, & were in bed not much later.

I got up late on Christmas morning, & I went over to help Lisa & Glen with Christmas breakfast. Well I wasn't much help in preparing, since they were almost done. I did help with Katie's diaper, & getting her dressed for Christmas. The rest of the family arrived around 9am. We had breakfast, & opened up our gifts. Lisa had my name, she got me an adorable fiber optic snowman display, a $30 gift card for Hobby Lobby, an gingerbread ornament, & some Bath & Body lotion & soap. Scott had Brian's name, Brian got the Dukes of Hazzard DVD, a Dukes of Hazzard shirt, 4 - five pound weights, 4pk of tank tops that he likes to wear. The funny part of Bri's gift was that it was wrapped in duct tape... LOL It looks really neat. It was a joy to watch Natalie & Conway open their gifts. All the kids got some really nice presents. The floor was filled with paper, bows, & ribbon. We had to leave around 12:30p, cause Glen & Lisa, had to go to her dad's place still.

Bri and I went back to my parents house, & I ended up taking a 2 hr nap. About 4pm, we left to go and visit Brian's brother Jimmy, his wife Lisa, who were at Jimmy's son's house for Christmas in Oshkosh. We only stayed about 30minutes cause my parents were waiting out in the van for us.. LOL We went to Haase's in Winneconne for Christmas evening dinner. They were the only place open for the evening in the area. It was busy, but not a busy busy. It was a nice time.. just my parents, Brian & I. The only bad thing about the whole evening is that the Packer's lost.. blah.
After dinner we went back to my parents house. I cross stitched for a few hours, while watching TV. I got to bed after midnight. And was up early, to visit with my parents before we left to go home. On the way home we stopped at Hobby Lobby, and I spent all but $.15 on the gift card, went over to Hancock Fabrics and got some fat quarters for a new quilt I'm going to be starting in January. Went over the Wal-Mart in Appleton. Man oh man! Dang was it busy! We were there to spend some money, and that we did. We walked out with a new 32" HDTV television, a new stand, & a few other odds & ends. We were home by 3:30p. We got the TV, and the stand set up... but it took forever (till about 10p) to get the satellite and VCR recognizing each other. But its all set up... will have to make the another blog .. since I need to take a picture of the set up we have now.. LOL.

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