Something is wrong with me...

Im starting to hate shopping.. I dont know what it is, but its getting to me lately! Maybe its the Christmas season, or its the fact I dont know what to buy anymore. Brian and I went on Tuesday to Iron Mountain. I had a list of things I had to get, I got about 75% of the list - mainly DMC floss, and material for the USA quilt ~ oh yeah and the battery that I needed for my truck. I had on my list to buy Christmas gifts for our ppl that we have to exchange gifts for.

This morning I went to Iron River to stop by the quilt studio, I visited with Laurie Jean for a bit, and went on to McD's for lunch. I drove over to Crystal Falls to a variety store, since I was looking for beads for a Christmas tree Im making for a contest. Bought what I needed there. Went over to another store, and did make a dent in the Christmas shopping, bought some odds and ends that I needed. Drove back to Iron River, stopped @ Pamida to do some clothes shopping ~ I have 3 residents that I volunteered to shop for. I was able to get what I wanted for the residents. I looked around and found some more ideal presents for the exchanges. Then I went over to Wardo's and was looking for the snowflake buttons I need for a design I was working on. Didnt have them. But I found a shirt that Im getting for the staff exchange @ work. And I found a moose shirt for myself. So I had to treat myself.

So Im home now, and just relaxing. Im planning on cross stitching that tree I want to enter in a contest. Wish me luck, or the bed might find me soon.

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