Yellow Snow

Tomorrow @ work we are having "Our Weekend To Work Christmas Party" (for me its the day shift group) with a dish to pass, and a gift for the person that you drew a couple weeks ago. Im taking my "famous" Yellow Snow, with deer crap on the top. :).. LOL

Directions to make the Yellow Snow - taste just like dirt cake rather with vanilla ingredients than chocolate.

1 large package of vanilla sandwich cookies - use a food processor to make really fine crumbs
2 packages of vanilla pudding
4 cups of milk
1 large tub of cool whip
1 package of chocolate covered raisins (deer poop)

Whip the pudding mix and milk, add cool whip together. In the container you wish to use to serve the Yellow Snow in, layer the crumbs and pudding mixture to the top, ending with the pudding on the top. Kinda plop the chocolate covered raisins on the top of the pudding to resemble a fresh batch of deer poop. Its lots of fun when you take it to the potlucks, the reaction it gets is alot of fun!.. and its yummy in the meantime. ENJOY!

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