The pictures are the main reason I had the camera out while watching the Packer game.. while I was coming home from work, the snow flakes were HUGE! So Brian decided (well I sent him outside for a few minutes to collect some snowflakes for me.. lol But they were melting before they could settle on his coat.

We are under a Winter Weather Warning, we are suppose to get 2 to 4 inches by morning! Good thing Im off for 2 days.. he he.

OH wow, Brian and I just watched the "ball" drop on tv, in New York of course! Unbelievable! I love the red hats the people are wearing! I want one.. LOL

Happy New Year Everyone!


Shari said...

I want some snow!!!!!!! It is so pretty!!!!! We were at 69 degrees yesterday. Not much chance of snow with temps like that!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful snow!!!

Rachel said...

Where are you in WI?? I'm in Cameron (about an hour north of Eau Claire off of Hwy 53)....I love your blog as well!!!

Sally said...

I am desperate for some snow Kim! I am so jealous! LOL! I can't see us getting any at all this Winter although a while ago they were forecasting high winds and blizzards for sometime during the winter!
Love your Bent Creek finishes. You stitch such gorgeous designs.

Missy said...

I think that we need to move up there where you are! I NEED snow.

As always, I shall live vicariously through your blog and pictures of snow.


Cathy said...

Hi Kim. They predicted we could get up to nine inches and we only got about two! Plus it's been in the forties now ever since so most of the snow is melted.

Seems like everyone else is getting the snow this year!


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