Corn Beef And Cabbage

We had Corn Beef and Cabbage for dinner tonight. OMG was it good!!! I made it in the slow cooker. Had the Corn beef on the bottom, then the potatoes, and then the cabbage. I added a can of beer. OMG!! Was it good!!

Once it was time to eat, Brian couldnt take it anymore!! The smell was just mouthwatering, and he was like a little kid in the car.. "is it done yet?!"

Once I got the cabbage and the potatoes out.. I lifted the corn beef out to put on a plate to cut.. it just fell apart as the knife hit it. I made a plate up for my MIL and ran it over next door. Once I was back, I had to take a picture before I blessed my meal. LOL

After we were finished I asked Brian how was it? He said it was two thumbs up with a smile.. LOL So I think thinks St. Patricks Day meal was a success.!


Shari said...

looks yummy Kim! I must admit, I have NEVER had corned beef & cabbage!!! I wouldn't know the first thing about cooking it!!!

Cathy said...

Looks delicious!


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