Stitchaholic Tee

I came home from working at the quilt shop and errand running, cant believe it cost me $44 for a free loaf of bread!.. LOL But I found my Down Sunshine Lane order on the table (heck I'm not even sure what else came in the mail.. LOL) They had a special on these tshirts, and so I just had to have one! So here is mine :)

But I wanted to show you the tshirt that I got. I'm thinking I should have gotten a size smaller, but then I'm a big girl! Had Brian take a picture.

Off to enjoy the new stash - and make supper.. he he


Pumpkin said...

Cool Kim! I had wanted one and now wish I had ordered it. D'oh!

Cathy said...

Great tee shirt!

Michele said...

I have one too .. gotta love it! lol


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