Wedding Row Pillow FINISH

Since I had worked on the quilt top today, I thought since I had the sewing machine out (as my sewing table is the kitchen table) I would work on the Wedding Row pillow for my uncle and his wife to be.

I think it turned out great! Went thru almost 3/4 of a bag of polyester fill! That pillow is PLUMPED! I found the buttons in my button stash.. what a perfect color (of course the color of the buttons are lighter than in the picture.. matches the floss color in the words and the fabric.)

I found the material at the quilt shop I work at.. was straightening the bolts, and this fabric just kinda fell towards me.. and I mean its like a match made in heaven, like it was made for each other! Now Im so glad I stitched with the floss that I did.. LOL
I got another special order from Sassy's yesterday.. OH WOW! I cant wait to show you what Im stitching on it to show off the colors!! Sassy does a wonderful job on her hand dying of her fabrics!


Milly~ said...

Absolutely stunning! Makes me want to be married all over again.

Irene said...

Terrific, turned out great ! I'm sure your uncle and his new wife will love it.

Pumpkin said...

You did a lovely job on the pillow Kim :o) What a wonderful gift!

Sally said...

Wow Kim you have been very busy since I last visited. I love all your finishes but this pillow is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great pillow. Nice stitching AND finishing.

Kitt said...

Hi Kim
Thanks for stopping by Stitch and Knit!
Your stitching and quilting are beautiful! Love the pillow!
Grunge guards...I did notice the site is no longer there so I'll dig out what I do have and email it to you in the next day or two. I don't have much but they're really nothing more than huge hair scrunchies!
Watch for an email in the next couple of days!

Cathy said...

The pillow looks great - I'm sure they will treasure it!

Michele said...

what a wonderful gift! the pillow turned out great :)

Deanne J said...

Beautiful job Kim


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