Nat's Thank You Card

Awhile back, my sister had called to ask if I had an extra TV, VCR, or DVD player that she could use in the girl's new room. I knew I had a small tv at my parents house, as I had given it to them, and I knew they werent using it. I went shopping for the vcr and dvd player. Got some great deals! And the last time we were down there, we brought along the equipment. :)

We set it up for the girls, and got to watch the 'King of the Hill' marathon on DVD (Nat's favorite show, and she is in love with Bobby! - someone needs to let her know Bobby is a cartoon... LOL)
Last night when I got home from work, I had some mail from Natalie. And this is what I found inside the card.



Anonymous said...

awwww! how sweet! They really love their Auntie!

Pumpkin said...

That is SO sweet Kim! You don't see Thank You notes going out much anymore.

Irene said...

How sweet is that !

Meari said...

What a great card!


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