QOTD: Stitching Groups

Do you belong to a real time stitching group (one that is not online)? What "features" would you like to have in a real time stitching club? (i.e. stitching nights, treats, stash trips, games, classes, etc)

Nope, but I would love to create one in the area, I might end up being the youngest one though.

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Carol M. Boyer Crosby said...


You would not believe how easy you can start your own stitching group. I started one in my area last year and now we have about 15 members and it seems like we have more people joining every few months. The local library allows us to meet there for free and I have a scheduled time every month for all of us to show up, stitch and talk. Good luck with the idea!

Stevensville, Maryland


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