Ok, I figured out the "ARGH!"

After doing some personal investigation on why I was sending echecks via PayPal- my misplaced debit card had expired on 02-07, causing my March transfers to go thru my bank account.

I never received an expiring card notice from PayPal but had thru eBay, and what is kinda scary is that I lost the debit card way back in October - I had cancelled it and got a new card and new number. So be careful with lost credit/debit cards on PayPal, as they are still active, when you have cancelled them! Going to contact my bank on this matter now!


Pumpkin said...

ACK! That's just scary Kim! Glad you have it all figured out now :o)

Greg said...

YIKES! I cancelled my paypal account several years ago.

Meari said...

Glad you got it all figured out, Kim.


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