March 24 - 26 Weekend

Well I noticed that I haven't blogged for a few days ... All I can say is.. I have been busy!! Well I worked on Friday, and came home Friday night, and packed for our weekend.

We left Saturday morning for my parents, and then we (my parents, Amy, Nat, Kaylee, Brian and I) attended my Uncle's wedding @ 2pm. After the wedding we went over to McD's to have something to drink, and then I had to stop over at WalMart, as I had to get some more fiber fill for the wedding gift I had to finish. Stitched it up on the way to the reception. I didn't wrap the pillow, I just attached a bow to the thread and hung it from a button. Turned out really cute!

We had a sit down dinner.. all of my family sat at the table. It was like we were having Easter dinner :) We took alot of pictures - I have to chuckle, cause getting 4 kids to sit for a picture isn't just going to happen anymore! So this is my picture of the nieces and nephew. :)

I love this picture of Brian and my brother in law, Gregg. They have their backs up against the wall, where they spent most of their time during the reception.. LOL

Now, poor Kaylee was running across the dance floor, and she took a digger into the floor. Poor thing cut her lip, and was pretty bloody. Cleaned her up, and she was off - running around again. :)

A picture of my Uncle Wayne, and his new wife MaryAnn.

We got home really late, and got to bed about 2:30am. On Sunday, some of the family met up at Applebee's and had lunch. Amy and I did alittle shopping while the rest sat out in the vehicle. We got back to my sister's place about 4:30p, and got invited to go for a cook out at my sister's inlaw's place. We got home about 8pm, and watched Rocky Balboa (which I bought Brian) I finished my sister's Sunflower Sampler pillow, while I was there (will post another post to show it off.).

This morning, Brian and I left for home, but we swung by Green Bay, and met up with some friends. Even made it over to The Stitching Bee, and spoiled myself. :)


Anonymous said...

What great pics of the kids. They looked awesome all dressed up. Kaylee is a trooper taking a spill and then back at it. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

Irene said...

Lovely photos. The kids look great and I can see getting all 4 to pose at once would be hard !


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