Yesterday, I noticed I was getting these weird messages from eBay.. stating that there was a question on a product. Well like most spam/junk mail, I just ignore and go "delete".

Well then I started to get replies back from eBay, and I thought.. what the heck!

Then I got an email from eBay -
Dear (insert my user name here)

It appears your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party and used to send unsolicited emails to other community members, including email offers to sell items outside of eBay. It does not appear that your account was used to list or bid on any items. Additionally, the email address on your account may have been tampered with, which is why you may not have received any emails about this activity. At this time we have taken several steps to secure your eBay account. Rest assured that your credit card and banking information is safe on the eBay site. This information is kept encrypted on a secure server and cannot be viewed by anyone.

Come to find out, my eBay account was hijacked and used to send out mass emails to people. So now, my eBay user password had to be changed. Crap!

To the hijackers.... Thank you my friends on eBay that decided to use my account for your enjoyment. Not funny!

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chiloe said...

He did happen to me but nobody send e mail through my ebay !!! I had to change my password too and made it more complicated: letters, numbers and symbol and longer (it's probably 12 letters now)

Hope you find one that is easy to remember !!!


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