Do you sell cross stitch kits?

Do you sell cross stitch kits? Was one of the many questions I received today while working my fun job at the quilt shop. Along with ... do you sell rubber snakes?! LOL

While I was working at the cutting table, putting together some kits. There was a lady that came into the quilting area of the store, and asked, "do you sell cross stitch kits?"

"No, sorry, but we do carry DMC floss, needles, and "some" aida, if you're interested in that."

"No, that's ok. I'm looking for some kits"

I waited till the customer walked away, and my coworker was close by.

I said to my coworker - "Do you think I should have said, well come to my house, I'm sure you are to find something to stitch." LOL

And there sitting on my little desk, a cross stitch book from a friend, for me to have.

Addicted, eh!?


Rachel said...

I bet she could have found something at your house to stitch!!! Hope you had a great weekend....

Vickie said...

I know she could have found something at your house...


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