Natalie's Trip to Build A Bear - Oct 15th

For Natalie's birthday - her birthday was on Monday (Oct 15th), I surprised her with a trip to Build A Bear in Appleton. She had no clue and never had been to such a store. It went very well! We had a blast. The only thing - is when we got inside the store, Natalie goes. "Mom - Kaylee can fit in this."... LOL. Umm no Nat, Kaylee is not quite the size of the bear.. LOL

Here are some photos of from Build A Bear. She picked out a Pink bear, of course. It has a white belly with a pink heart in the middle. And on the bottom of its foot there is another embordered heart.

I have to share a funny story. On Saturday night we were talking about doing something special for Nat's birthday. The plan was to go to school with her (which I did), and then go back and pick up Kaylee, Brian,(which is funny cause Brian had to pay the babysitter to watch Kaylee and himself..LOL)and my Mom. We went to Nat's favorite resturant, Fazoli's. After we would go to the mall, and go and do something special just for Natalie. Well we were talking in the truck, Nat and I were sitting in the back, and I said to Nat - you are going to have to pick out a special name for your something special that you are going to be getting. Her "special name" was Pineapple. LMAO. Fast forward to Monday.... it changed to Heart.


The Chicken Lady said...

Hey, did you know there's a BAB in Green Bay, now? My friend just took a troop of girls there for her kiddo's birthday. They had a blast, and my 13 year old got ANOTHER bear..great, another stuffed animal. :)

KaLu said...

i loooveeee BAB...well i've only been there once for my bd too and i was pregnant lol so all the dancing and jumping and wishing well i guess i was just a little to old lol wanted to slap the kid and say i cant jump on one foot while i spin in a circle duh!
...yeah those for months i was a moody prego *giggles*

anyways I'm glad Nat had fun! and happy late birthday to her :)


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